Boarding Life

Boarding life at LVS Ascot School is centred around our four on-campus boarding houses; Bass, Guinness, Carlsberg and Gilbey. Each caters for a different stage of boarding. From a nurturing and incredibly supportive setting in Bass House for our junior boarders, through to a more encouraging, independent and focused boarding life for our senior pupils. This house system, twinned with the outstanding levels of pastoral care provided by all our boarding staff encourages and facilitates lifelong friendships to form, ones that often surpass year groups.

Junior boarders, years 3-8, join Bass House where they will find themselves enjoying a shared common but separate boys and girls sleeping areas. Bass House boasts a large open environment with large and colourful shared bedrooms.

From years 9-12, we separate boys and girls completely into Guinness House and Carlsberg House. This separation allows our pupils the space to grow in friendly and relaxed environments where they feel comfortable and at home.

The final stage for any LVS Ascot boarder is Gilbey House. Looked forward to by all pupils, Gilbey is a wonderful environment, where our sixth form students truly develop into rounded, mature and able young adults who are ready and excited to take their next step; wherever that may take them.

Each one of our modern and purpose-built houses are equipped with study areas, computer access, kitchen facilities, common rooms, live-in house-parents and resident tutors. All these combine to create uniquely special environments with each having its own character, spirit and even motto! LVS Ascot’s boarding houses really do become a second home and one that each pupil becomes a truly valued member of.

There is never a dull moment when it comes to boarding life at LVS Ascot. Our phenomenal facilities and talented boarding staff mean that we are able to run a whole range of activities throughout the weekday evenings and through the weekends. In addition to these clubs, we ensure that all our boarders enjoy regular and exciting trips out. These trips are tailored to each house and can range from trips to the cinema, to nearby cities such as Oxford and even paintball adventures for those who would like! As well as these, we also organise lots of fun in-house evenings to allow the children to really get to know each other as a house and boarding family.

What boarding life at LVS Ascot offers is a round-the-clock education. One that pays attention to developing the whole person, not just academically, but emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically. We appreciate that there are times for study but that there are also times where children need to chat, relax and play. These times can be just as important for personal development and that what boarding life at LVS achieves; well-rounded, responsible and simply exceptional young adults.