Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) at LVS Ascot is an opportunity for students to do a project on something about which they are passionate.  Freed from the constraints of a traditional syllabus, this is an opportunity to show what you can do and to develop skills needed for University!  Students can produce a 5,000 word dissertation (like an essay), however we also encourage something more creative such as making a piece of art, building a gaming computer or brewing a beer.

Current and past topics include; ‘Do I really control my own behaviour?’, ‘Will my generation ever be able to own our own home in the UK?,  ‘How hard is it to build a gaming computer, and why would you want to?’ ‘Can I brew a beer as good as a commercial one?’, ‘Can I paint a face out of makeup’, ‘The physics of sailing’, ‘Prostitution in Nigeria; legalise or criminalise?’.  The output is only part of the story, students are assessed on how they approach the project, narrow down their investigation following initial research, stick to their plan and finally present their points.

All students have a member of staff as a supervisor, carefully picked for an interest in the student’s topic, to guide them along the path to success.  The EPQ is a great way for students to develop a range of skills, follow their own research trail and Universities love it. 

Taught sessions and access to a range of resources and expertise from the Learning Resource Centre, help students develop sound research and associated IT skills together with an understanding of independent learning.  

From September 2016 with more linear A levels, we are expanding the EPQ programme at LVS Ascot to encourage most students to take an EPQ alongside their traditional academic or vocational studies.  This experience provides a valuable topic for interviews and input for personal statements and UCAS applications.  It is amazing how passion can drive your learning!