Foreign Exchange Scheme

LVS Ascot are proud to be able to offer a small group of Year 9 girls the unique opportunity to experience school and life in another country, through either a home stay or within the Boarding School environment.

This type of extended exchange scheme is not widely available to students in this age group and LVS Ascot are pleased to be able to offer it to students.

In 2002 we began an exchange programme with St Margaret's Anglican girls' school in Brisbane and each year during the summer term (beginning in April) we send four LVS Ascot students to Austrialia and four students from St Margaret's join us in September for the autumn term.

During each of the previous exchanges, lasting friendships have been developed and valuable experiences gained.

LVS Ascot Students who visited St Margaret's AGS, Brisbane in 2013 said:

Tegan B said, "I was most looking forward to experience a new culture and seeing how I would cope on the other side of the world by myself, without my parents and friends, am I independent enough? I kept asking myself on the flight over. When I was in Australia I tried subjects that I hadn't done before such as business studies which I now take here in LVS Ascot.  So I had a slight advantage when I got back."

When asked how she thought the experience would benefit her in the future Georgia said "I will be a lot more successful when I go into meetings because I will be more confident and independent in the future."  When asked if she would recommend the experience, "Yes of course this exchange has been the best thing I have done yet.  I'm so happy I went for this opportunity and got it.  I have learnt so much and have made some true friends.  I will be going back in the future."

Adele said, "I have become a more confident and more excepting of different people" and when asked what she enjoyed most "meeting the exchange girls and having a chance to see what it is like to be in an all-girls school."

We asked Tegan J what was the best part of her exchange, she replied "I honestly couldn't decide.  I loved making new friends on the other side of the world who I can stay in contact with and will hopefully get to visit sometime soon.  Come home knowing how much more independent you are and feeling grown up was great."  We asked Tegan if she would recommend the experience and she said "Absolutely!  I think that if you are given such an amazing opportunity you should grab it with both hands and make the most of it!  The more you take from it the more memories you'll have that you keep with you for a lifetime.  I think it also develops you as a person and you feel so mature when you get home!