LVS Ascot Gateway FAQs


How do I get a password?

Only current parents and staff will have access to the LVS Ascot School Gateway and to access it you will need to use the email address you have given to the school as your contact email.  Click and follow the instructions to either register for the first time and request a password or to request a new one.

How do I find the Gateway?

Either click the ‘School Gateway’ link on our website.  Click this link here ‘School Gateway’ or copy and paste this URL into your browser -

What will I see?

When you open the LVS Ascot Gateway you will be able to see all the relevant information for your child/children.  Attendance details, reports, timetables, extended day availability and bookings, bookable activity clubs for the Junior School and all emails specifically relevant to you and your child/children.

How do I contact the School?

On the LVS Ascot Gateway you will be able to find an email address for all of your child’s teachers.  You can click on the email address and contact the teacher directly.

How will I receive whole School or group email communications?

All whole school or group (year group, tutor group, trip group etc) emails will be sent to you using the Gateway.  This means that if you misplace an email you can login and see an archive of everything that has been sent to you and if you have replied.

How do I make bookings for Extended Day?

Visit the Extended Day page in the Gateway and you will see what options are available for your child/children.  You need to tick the relevant boxes to make your bookings and click submit.  You will receive an email confirming your booking and the Extended Day Co-ordinator will use that booking to create a register.

Note:   We have included the dates and prices for September 2017 so that you have an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the Gateway booking system.  However, you are NOT able to book for 2017 at this time.  We will send an email during the summer term when they are activated.

How will I pay for bookings like Extended Day and Event Tickets etc?

Any booking (Extended Day, Event, Club) that requires a payment will have an ‘add to my bill’ button on the booking page that is automatically ticked.  By confirming your booking and that you have read the terms and conditions you are giving authority for us to add the amount to your next terms fee bill.

How do I see what bookings I’ve made?

In the LVS Ascot Gateway you will be able to see a list of bookings that you have made.

How will I receive my child’s report?

When your child’s report is ready you will be sent an email advising that reports are now available to view and download through the Gateway.  Click the ‘Reports’ widget on the My Children page or choose ‘Reports’ form the menu on the left in the My Children page.

How do I notify school if my child is sick or I need to take them out of school for an appointment?

To notify School of an absence due to sickness use the ‘Absence Form’ button.  To request a leave of absence for a health appointment or sport commitment or similar use the Leave request form both found under the My Children page

Do I need to have a Facebook account to see the LVS Ascot Facebook page?

Yes.  When you click the button to link to our Facebook page you will be asked if you want to login and follow the page.

How do I ‘sync’ the calendar to my device?

From the calendar page click the ‘Subscribe & Exports’ button and select the most appropriate for your device.

What does 'dual registration' in the timetable mean?

Dual registration is when your child is registered outside of their usual tutor room.



If you still need help

The LVS Ascot Gateway is very easy to use and we are sure you will find everything you need.

If you do need further help you could try some 'how to' films.  If you still need to contact us you can:

  • Email and we will get back to you within 24 hours or
  • Calls us on 01344 882770 and ask for Gateway Support during normal business hours (8.30am to 5pm)