From London to Ascot in 200 years, the heritage of LVS Ascot

Our heritage as an independent, co-educational School stretches back 200 years, when the school was founded in 1803 by the Licensed Trade Charity.

The Charity, which aimed to provide a caring and challenging education for the children of those working in the licensed drinks trade, founded the school in Kennington in a ‘wholesome and airy environment' in what is now Greater London.

As industrialisation increased and London spread outward, the School moved to another green field site in Slough in 1921, and when history repeated itself, the school moved again in the late 1980s to its current location, Ascot in Berkshire.

With each move, the Charity incorporated the latest educational thinking and facilities in the design of the Licensed Victuallers' School, providing a modern educational environment able to compete and perform successfully in the independent school marketplace.

The School's strong academic, sporting and creative results are a testament to this success.