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LVS Ascot International Admissions – Study in the UK at LVS Ascot

Applications are welcomed from families living overseas, we are proud to possess a multicultural population with students from many countries. We welcome overseas students from age 7 and above and we are committed to providing an excellent education for students from all regions of the world. We combine tailored English-language (EAL) tuition with the breadth and depth of learning for which British schools are famed. Students leave LVS Ascot fully prepared for their life ahead, whether it be a place at a British university or further study in their home country.

LVS Ascot makes me feel that I stay with a big family

Keyangzi Lu, LVS boarding student from China

Courses on offer

LVS Ascot provides a flexible, all-round study programme combining the best of England’s famed educational advantages with bespoke EAL tuition and cultural acclimatisation. Depending on their goals and needs, students may fully enrol on LVS Ascot’s mainstream programmes, such as GCSE and A Level courses, or design an individual programme combining EAL study with elements of the mainstream courses.

Three year 6th Form programme

We offer a three year 6th Form programme with the first year offering a pre-A level year to improve English language ability before embarking on the two A Level years.

Intensive one year iGCSE course

We offer a one year iGCSE course.  During the year you will study and take GCSE exams for:

  • English
  • Maths
  • PE (study only, no exam)
  • Native language (exam only, no study)
  • A choice of the following:
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Business Studies

iGCSE students will take part in all aspects of LVS School & boarding life and will benefit from small class sizes with a maximum of 8 students.

Entry requirements are:

  • Age – 15-16
  • Minimum Academic Requirements; IELTS 5.5/B2
  • Completion of a face to face or Skype Interview

If you would like to apply contact us at


We are aware that some international students need to return to their home country to sit exams there, some of our Russian students are an example of this.  We are flexible with their timetable to ensure they can meet this important commitment to benefit their education.

For more information on designing a study programme to suit you, please contact us. –

I came to study in the UK because education here is better than in the Ukraine.

Denys Babenko, LVS boarding student from Ukraine

Life at LVS

Living at LVS Ascot, students feel at home. At the beginning of each academic year in September, new overseas students are invited to an induction programme to welcome them to the school. This includes revision lessons in English, outings and cultural visits, and a chance to meet staff and fellow students and acclimatise to living in the UK.

The best things about LVS Ascot are the boarding house, friends and the support given by teachers.

Timothy But, LVS Ascot boarding student from Hong Kong

Students live in one of the school’s four boarding houses, each with its own unique character for specific ages and genders. 

Bass House is the junior boarding house, for boys and girls aged 7 - 12 years

Guinness House is the senior boys’ house for boys aged 12 - 16 years

Carlsberg House is the senior girls’ house for girls aged 12 - 16 years

Gilbey House is the Sixth Form house, for young men and women aged 16 -19 years

Our professional, highly qualified boarding staff are always on hand to provide support and encouragement for students. There is a wide range of activities to try in their free time, such as judo, golf, cookery and photography, and students have access to our sports centre, Learning Resource Centre, music centre, theatre and pool outside of school hours. There are also regular trips off site to safari parks, water sports centres and cinemas, and we arrange cultural trips just for overseas students, visiting well-known British locations such as London’s National Gallery.


Entry requirements vary according to the age of the student, knowledge of English, and the courses they wish to study. The basic requirements are:

  • Applicants must possess intermediate English, as English is used in the boarding houses and in mainstream lessons
  • Applicants must take an English test prior to offering a place to assess their EAL tuition needs, and offers will be made on condition of the student taking the required tuition
  • Applicants must supply reports from current and previous schools and/or colleges
  • There is a non-refundable application fee of £75, and refundable conditional deposits are required when accepting a place
  • All overseas students must have a legal guardian based in the UK.  The pupil must go to the guardian during any school holiday, including half-terms should they not return to their home country.

Interviews are often, although not always, required, but may be conducted via Skype for students based abroad.

I came to study in the UK so I can prioritise my English skills, and the UK has the best education

Xinyi Guo Isunnis, LVS boarding student from Chi


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Our Registrars will support you through the process of registering for a place at LVS Ascot. They can help you with the details of our Terms and Conditions and answer your questions.

We offer a cooling-off period which allows you to cancel the contract within 14 calendar days of signing the acceptance form.  Full details and terms & conditions can be read in the Financial Agreement Acceptance Form above.