Joining the School

We make every effort to ensure that all new pupils joining LVS Ascot feel comfortable and confident in their transition into school life. 

We invite all new pupils to a ‘new pupils' day’ towards the end of the Summer Term during the school week where they have the opportunity to follow the school timetable and experience a number of lessons before they start with us in September. New Year 7 pupils are assigned a Year 10 mentor who will help them, especially during the first few weeks as they get know their way around.

For new pupils joining the Senior School in other years, there are opportunities to come into school for taster days prior to starting and buddies and mentors are allocated.

For the Junior School we arrange taster days to coincide with an area of the curriculum your child enjoys so that they will have a really positive and enjoyable time with us. These taster days help your child to feel more confident about starting a new school and can give them a chance to make links with other children, who they may like to meet up with in a more social context before they begin their time at the school.

Pupils meet their tutors, Head of House and most importantly, other students in their Tutor Group or class and Year. The children have time to get to know each other and familiarise themselves with the school grounds, school handbook and general information about the school day and life at LVS Ascot.

While the children are with their class teacher or tutor, parents have time to view and order school uniform from the suppliers stall, enquire and book places on school coaches and find out more information about musical lessons and instrumental hire. There is valuable time to chat to staff and other parents about any previously unanswered questions and queries.

Buddies and Mentors

Starting a new school can be a daunting experience for any child so we have introduced a Buddy/Mentor scheme for our existing pupils to assist in settling into life at LVS Ascot.  In the junior school new pupils are assigned two ‘buddies’ who will look after them for the day and show them the ropes within the school.  Mentors are specially trained for students starting in year 7 and Buddies for all other year groups.

Pupils' Handbook

As well as all the information and reassurance that is gained from our induction programme a look through the pupil handbook will also answer many of those niggling questions. 

Link to Reception Class, Junior School & Senior School Handbooks

Joining the Sixth Form

Sixth Form life at LVS Ascot is both busy and buzzing. It prides itself on being an environment that encourages and promotes initiative and, as such, we want new and existing students to feel ready for this challenge on the very first day of term.

Our Sixth Form Induction Day is designed to put all students at ease and ensure they are well prepared for the start of their A level studies.  A number of administrative procedures combined with an academic carousel of activities ensures they are familiar with their timetable and our study expectations.  It also gives them the opportunity to get to know their peers, familiarise themselves with the school surroundings and start to develop strong working relationships with their teachers.

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Evening Presentation

The night before the Sixth Form Induction Day students are invited to accompany their parents to an open evening hosted by the Sixth Form Management Team.

Drinks and refreshments will be provided along with the chance to meet the team of staff who will over-see each students' progress. There is also a brief presentation that highlights what can be expected over the next two years as a sixth form student at LVS Ascot.

After that it is all systems go and the friendly and inclusive nature of the LVS Ascot community means that new students very quickly feel like an established part of the academic, pastoral and social structure of the school. It is because we care about each individual that we can fulfil our aim of producing 'caring, confident citizens for the future'.
LVS Ascot Yr 7 Induction Day

The best bit about Year 7 was being able to do all the sport I wanted to and having fun doing it.

Charlotte Jennings-Evans

Discovering that the LRC is a peace haven to escape to is the best thing you can do.

Somto Unigwe