Welcome from Mrs Cox - Head of LVS Junior School

Welcome to the LVS Ascot Junior School website.  It is my privilege to be the Head teacher of this wonderful learning community and I hope that by exploring the pages of our website you can begin to feel a sense of the caring and supportive environment that I am so proud to lead.  
During the primary phase of education children develop a set of life long values and beliefs about the process of learning and about themselves as learners. Alongside this they begin to understand how they fit as part of a wider community, the importance of tolerance and acceptance, of humility and sportsmanship, of effort and resilience to name but a few. Developing these characteristics takes time, focus and skill.  As primary school practitioners we hold this immense responsibility in our hands and here at LVS Ascot we are determined that every child will enter senior school education with positive attitudes towards learning and be confident about the role they play in our community.  At LVS our mission is to create confident, caring citizens of the future and that is certainly what we strive towards from the first moment children enter our school.  Amazing facilities and a team of unique, dedicated staff combine to bring learning to life.   Our experienced staff  build warm, caring relationships with pupils and our teachers know the individual strengths and character of each child. This enables us to ensure that every lesson challenges and engages them, we embrace the growth mind-set approach to learning believing that all our children can reach aspirational goals in the many areas of learning we offer.  Happiness and well-being are the cornerstone of academic success and our children are given the confidence to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.  LVS Ascot Junior School provides space for our children to enjoy childhood whilst providing a forward-looking, nurturing,  and ambitious curriculum which includes outdoor learning, independent projects and character education.
Central to the curriculum we offer are five pairs of Learning Values and Skills, develop the character of our pupils so that they are equipped with the qualities they need to be successful in the ever changing world they will enter as young adults. These Learning Values are intertwined through every aspect of school life and our children use the language and attributes with confidence.
Our school has a warm, family feel which places the needs of the child at the centre of all we do.  I would be delighted to meet you and your family to show you around our vibrant happy school.

Mrs Rachael Cox

Head of LVS Junior School

The most important thing to us is that children enjoy being here and that they look forward each day to coming to school. We want to lay the foundations of a lifelong love of learning. School should be an extension of the home so that a child feels the same unconditional positive regard.  It is only when a child feels valued that one can impose boundaries and age-appropriate discipline.  Children will do anything for their teacher if they feel valued and respected!  Enjoyment and participation in sport complements our all-round education philosophy.

We also believe in an open and trusting relationship in which parents and carers feel part of our school community, can discuss any issues with us quickly and easily, and are always welcome to be part of our events, celebrations, and everyday school life: our door is always open

Words and pictures can only give a very limited idea of what we are about. The best way to get a clearer picture of LVS Junior School is by visiting us and talking to pupils and staff, our school hums with life, learning and respect.

"We have moved from 4 countries in different continents with more than 5 international schools for my kids  , I can confidently say that LVS was by far the best school we have ever seen."Mr Hamdy, Parent of two LVS Ascot Junior School pupils.

Quotes from the 2017 Reception Class Pupils.

We asked our Reception class of 2017 to tell us what they thought about LVS Ascot Junior School and this is what they said:

"This school is brilliant!"

"The school is really nice because we get to work and play a lot.""I like this school because I have got lots of friends"

If you have any further questions please contact the Head of Junior School at LVS Ascot, Mrs. Rachael Cox, by emailing: rachael.cox@lvs.ascot.sch.uk