LVS Advantage Programme

7 ways to give your child a career advantage

We all want to give our children the best start in life.

Soon thoughts will turn to careers. And with competition for jobs being fierce young people need to differentiate themselves from other applicants.

Employers will of course be interested in candidates’ academic achievement. But at LVS we believe your child’s career opportunities will also be influenced by two other factors: their ability to create positive impressions and relationships, coupled with a good grasp of how businesses function.

The LVS Advantage Programme is designed to help your child develop seven key interpersonal/business skills valued by employers. Students also gain a useful insight into the financial aspects of running a business and its impact on management decision making.

Our aim is to give your child a competitive advantage - increasing their attractiveness to employers and helping them succeed during their early careers.

The Advantage Programme is run over the two Sixth Form years and is made up of seven one-day masterclasses.

Students get the opportunity to put learning into practice through a range of interactive exercises. Group sizes are limited to 16 which allows for a high degree of individual coaching.

The total cost for enrolling your child on the full programme is £200 per year with charges spread evenly over your end of term account.

To reserve your child’s place on the Advantage Programme please contact Paul Hodges (Head of Sixth Form) on 01344 882770 or email

LVS Advantage Programme Masterclass Outlines


Few things are as important to our personal lives and career success as our ability to influence. Influence enables us to lead people, shape outcomes and drive change.

This masterclass helps students understand and apply the key principles of influence affecting people’s motivation and decision making.

Conflict Resolution

Most people try to avoid conflict for fear of making things worse. As young adults, students’ potential for conflict will grow in line with their expanding number of personal and work relationships.

This masterclass gives students the tools and confidence to deal with the core emotional drivers of conflict whilst protecting long term relationships.


Today’s businesses need people who can collaborate and negotiate effectively with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

This masterclass teaches students techniques and principles used by successful negotiators. Students get the opportunity to experience a live negotiation with coaching from trainers

Effective Written Communications

Persuasive writing presents a special challenge - no dialogue, no body language, no feedback.

Drawn from the worlds of media and marketing, this masterclass reveals some of the golden rules of great copywriting.

Students take part in a series of creative exercises designed to help them produce engaging and compelling communications including a CV covering letter.


An insight into marketing and its role in business is a great plus point for any young person embarking on their career.

This masterclass introduces students to key marketing principles such as branding, customer segmentation and marketing communications.

Leadership & Strategic Decision Making (Part 1)

Leadership skills are needed at many levels from Chief Executives through to department heads and project leaders.

Part 1 of this masterclass helps students develop core leadership skills, including: motivation, setting goals and objectives, delegation and performance management.

Leadership & Strategic Decision Making (Part 2)

 Part 2 introduces students to some of the tools businesses use to inform decision making, including basic management  accounts. Students get a taste of strategic decision making as they take part in a management team role play.