Libraries at LVS Ascot

At LVS Ascot we believe in the value of school libraries and provide excellent facilities with professional staff for all our students and staff.


The Learning Resource Centre serves the Senior School and all staff on the Ascot site, providing study, leisure and reading material for everyone.


Our Junior Library, though small, provides a welcoming and friendly space for our younger pupils and is organised and managed by LRC staff. 


Reading for Pleasure is a better indicator of academic success than wealth or social class

OECD 2002

We aim to:

  • Create a reading culture which involves and inspires all our students, widening their knowledge and horizons.
  • Enable students to become independent learners and to equip them for the changing information world.

With the support of a professional and approachable team, students have access to a range of up-to-date resources which are available round the clock via our online library catalogue. 

The LRC is open to ALL students before and after school and at break and lunchtimes.  It is the sixth form study centre during the school day and sixth form prep centre for the boarding community.  We welcome students for homework, reading or research with help on hand if needed.

We work with teaching staff to deliver vital information and digital literacy skills which students will need for further education and the workplace, as well as supporting wider reading in their subjects.

The LRC manages the Accelerated Reader programme for Years 7,8 and 9, encouraging students to develop and keep a vital reading habit.  Sixth form mentors support those who need encouragement and there are activities to stretch able readers.

We provide a wide range of events and activities to encourage reading for pleasure including inspiring author and poet visits, reading clubs for all ages and school-wide House events and competitions.  In offering opportunities beyond the classroom, we enhance our students’ awareness and appreciation of reading and the arts.

The LVS Ascot libraries are facilitated by a team of experienced and well qualified staff
Mrs. Emma Keeler Head of Learning Resources
Mrs. Sue Bastone  Library Consultant
Mrs. Stephanie Elmes & Mrs. Kelly Jones LRC Assistants

For more information about the LRC contact

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The LRC enables all students to develop their knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence by teaching them to be independent learners and offering opportunities to take responsibility in the management of the Learning Resource Centre.  All students are given clear guidelines on its daily use and expected to take responsibility for their own behaviour as well as contributing positively to the learning experience for their peers.  All students are expected to respect themselves, the staff and other students.
The LRC promotes tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions by ensuring and promoting access to a wide range of reading material and information, as well as actively offering opportunities for reading widely, storytelling and other appropriate activities.
The LRC encourages respect for democracy and British traditions by ensuring students are aware of current affairs and world-wide events.