Meals and Catering

Catering at LVS Ascot is supplied by Sodexo Independent Schools.  Their 'Fresh Food from Scratch' policy reflects the value LVS Ascot places on a healthy, balanced diet for its pupils.

At the heart of their drive for quality and excellence is a commitment that over 95% of the dishes that they produce each day are made from scratch using the freshest, most seasonal ingredients they can buy, from sustainable accredited sources.

LVS Ascot is one of only 6 sites chosen as an Innovation Hub for Sodexo, providing menus that mimic latest food trends, focus on seasonal and fresh produce, introduce new marketing concepts to improve the pupils’ experience and create minimum standards for counter display. 

Jim Gavin, Group Manager Sodexo at LVS Ascot said; “The Sodexo team at LVS Ascot are aware that children need a balanced and healthy diet to help them achieve great school results.  We do this by supplying them with food that will stimulate them and give them the fuel to create and play.”

Sodexo are committed to sustainable procurement practices and benefitting the communities they operate in and part of their committment to LVS Ascot is to use local suppliers.  

All fresh pork, chicken, beef, milk and cream is Red Tractor accredited and as part of their on-going committment to higher farm animal welfare, all eggs, salmon, pork and chicken are from farms approved by Freed Food to strict RSPCA welfare standards.

School Meal Menus

Please use the link below to view some example menus

Summer 2018 Reception Class

Summer 2018 Breakfast

Summer 2018 Lunch

Summer 2018 Supper