Pastoral Care

Pastoral care and support is an extremely important part of life at LVS Ascot and we work together to develop the individual

Lead by the Deputy Head Pastoral, staff across the school work together to ensure that every pupil’s personal development is nurtured. We believe encouragement and support are essential to help children become caring, confident citizens for the future.

Each student is placed in a School House, with a Tutor Group in the senior school or class Teacher in the Junior School who monitors their wellbeing, offers support, help and advice, as well as overseeing their academic performance.

Our well-established House system creates a sense of belonging and community spirit, through which your child will build confidence in their own talents and develop an understanding of the needs of others. The recognition of individuality offers students a mixture of freedom to express feelings and ideas, alongside an ethos that sets out clear boundaries for behaviour and respect for others.


bells courage whitbread boarders

Pupils belong to one of four Houses in the senior school, a Boarders' House and three day Houses (Courage, Whitbread and Bell's). Each House is led by a Housemaster/mistress (HM), who is responsible for all aspects of a pupil’s welfare.

The Junior School has three houses reflecting and working with the senior school houses.  Whole school events see the younger pupils competing alongside their older ‘House’ members to ensure peer support across the School.

eagles lions_house wolves_house

Junior School children are taught by their class teachers in the vast majority of curriculum areas. This ensures a strong bond between the staff and the children in their classes, leading to a strong sense of community through the whole school. We approach Pastoral Care in the Junior School in a variety of ways.

  • Regular ‘Circle Times' where children sit in a circle and listen to each other's views on social issues which are relevant to every day school life.
  • In assemblies, recognising and sharing pupils' school achievements and those from outside interests e.g. presenting music exam certificates or sporting medals.
  • Reverend Tracey Williams, our School Chaplain, plays an important role in the Junior School, not only when leading assemblies but also working with classes discussing a wide range of important issues which arise in our children's lives.
  • Awarding stickers and ‘Star of the week' certificates for sustained efforts and achievements.
  • Giving pupils responsibilities through the Junior School house system, School Council, Eco schools and class representatives.
  • We believe in the importance of maintaining a strong communicative relationship with parents, and to this end we ensure we make ourselves available to discuss with parents both the positive achievements and any concerns they may have regarding their child.

As students move into the Sixth Form they remain part of their House with specific responsibilities for leading a range of activities.  They have the support of a tutor, who helps them pursue their personal goals and realise their ambitions.

We recognise that in this stage of their life young people want to be independent and responsible, alongside developing the skills and qualifications needed to succeed in the next phase of their lives. LVS Ascot Sixth Form students are encouraged to become role models for the lower schools. Many become Prefects and all take an active part in school events. These enthusiastic ambassadors lead the school community in raising money for charity and embrace life as young adults – while finding time for a lively and inclusive social life.

Linking Parents and School

Mentors are invaluable in acting as a direct link between parents and the school. By working closely together they can help students navigate their way around the many pitfalls that modern teenage life presents to them.  We take pride in fostering a positive and friendly partnership with parents and Mentors value the communication they have with parents.