Scholarships & 6th Form Awards

LVS Ascot Yr 7 Scholarships

The School offers annual academic, music, sports, drama and arts Scholarships for entry into the Senior School (Year 7) with a range of valuable awards all the way up to half fees. Candidates must be aged 11 on or before the 31st August prior to entering Year 7. The examinations will be held during the Autumn Term for entry in the following September. 

Application deadlines for September 2018 are now passed.  Dates for 2019 applications will be published here in 2018.

Year 7 Scholarships - dates for your diary!
Yr 7 Scholarship entry deadline Friday 13th October 2017
Yr 7 Scholarship exam Saturday 11th November 2017

The application form has to be completed and submitted together with £75 registration fee to the Registrar by 13th October 2017.  


Below is Maisie Jack, a drama scholar who joined in September 2015 and in December 2016 took on a lead role in our production of Oliver! playing to hundreds of people each night in our professional theatre. Click the image to see our highlights film including Maisie and her mother talking about the scholarship

LVS Ascot 6th Form Scholarships & Awards

In addition there are a number of Sixth Form Surrey Scholarships and Awards available including awards for Mathematics, Literature, PE, Technology, Science and more - full details can be found on our Sixth Form Awards application.
6th Form Scholarship/Awards - dates for your diary!
6th Form Scholarship/Award entry deadline 10th November 2017
6th Form Scholarship Interviews TBA

The Interviews for students entering in Yr12 in 2017 will be held in December 2017, exact date will to be announced.   The deadline for Sixth Form Award Applications is 10th November 2017, the form must be completed and submitted together with £75 registration fee to the Registrar by that date.  

Sixth Form Awards Application | PDF | 198.32 kB

Support and discounts are available to those working in the Licensed Trade more...

If you have any enquiries about our Scholarships/Awards then please contact our Registrars on   01344 882770.