School Day

LVS Ascot Junior School Day
8.20am Arrive at school
8.40am School day begins with registration
8.50am - 9.50am Session 1
9.50am - 10.50am Session 2
10.50am - 11.10am Break
11.10am – 12.10am Session 3
12.10am - 1.20pm Lunch & E4
1.20pm - 2.00pm Registration & Assembly
2.00pm - 3.00pm Session 5
3.00pm - 3.30pm Session 6
LVS Ascot Senior School Day
*8.30am Arrive at school
8.35am Go to locker, get books for the first two lessons
8.40am Registration and notices in tutor room
8.45am Lesson 1
9.45am Lesson 2
10.45am Break, Go to locker, change books
11.05am Lesson 3
12.05pm E4
12.50pm First Lunch
1.00pm Second Lunch
1.10pm Third Lunch
1.45pm Go to locker – get books for the afternoon lessons
1.50pm Registration in tutor room
2.00pm Lesson 4
3.00pm Lesson 5
4.00pm End of School
4.30pm After school activities, Extended Day
*Boarders leave the Boarding Houses at 8.30am