Smalley Lectures

Throughout the year we offer a series of fun, thought provoking, informative and inspiring lectures to the LVS Ascot and wider community.  Entrance is free of charge and participation always worthwhile. 

Our next Smalley Lecture, Stargazing, will be on Tuesday 30th January, Wednesday 31st January or Thursday 1st February (weather dependent - register your interest to receive updates).

The Bracknell Dark Skies Club will join us, bringing telescopes and expertise to show us the wonders of the visible universe.  We hope to view the moon, which will be a Blue Moon or Supermoon on the 31st January. We will just miss the Total Lunar Eclipse as the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, since it will only be visible around the Pacific.  Saturn may be visible early on in the evening, with a good view of the rings, Neptune and Uranus are the other two planets which are high in the sky at night. There are also the deep sky objects, the Orion Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy and the Pinwheel Galaxy.  Do come and view the objects yourself, learn how to take photos, capture images on the computer and enjoy the thrill of looking at the night sky.

This event will take place on one of the following dates; 30th/31st January or 1st February 2018; weather depending.  Please sign up (details below) to receive email updates or check the Smalley Lectures page on the LVS Ascot website.

There will also be a lecture in the theatre at which we will share our experiences with using telescopes and outline what we may be able to see.  If you enjoy looking at the stars, this is a fantastic opportunity to come and view the sky close-up and in detail.

The event will take place on the evening of Tuesday 30th January, Wednesday 31st January or Thursday 1st February, weather dependent.  There will be refreshments afterwards.

To book your place email or call Mr Clark on 01344 882770.

Reserve your free place at the lecture by emailing or by calling Mr Clark on 01344 882770.


The History of the Smalley Lectures

Mr Smalley was a past General Secretary for the Licensed Trade Charity between 1834 and 1880.  As a result of his good work, he set the charity on a good solid foundation as it moved into the future.  He was also an ex-pupil of the school.

In his Will he bequeathed a small sum of money for a Sixth Form bursary, which is still awarded each year.  When the series of lectures was started, the school decided to honour Mr Smalley by naming them after him.

The Smalley Lectures are arranged and managed by Mr Andy Clark.

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To find the LVS Ascot Theatre

To find the LVS Ascot Theatre you can enter the school from either the London Road or Fernbank Road entrances.

From the London Road entrance follow the drive around the school until you reach the car park with the large flag and pole.  From Fernbank Road drive over the bridge and you will be at the same large flag and pole. This is the main reception area.

Once parked walk into Reception, you will be greeted and directed to the theatre. 

If reception is not staffed then go through the double doors to the left of the reception desk, then through the next set of glass double doors.  The theatre will be a few steps directly in front of you.