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BBC School Report Day at LVS

BBC Schools Report

BBC News School Report has given pupils from year 9 a chance to present for the BBC.

At the beginning of the process we had tips and advice from Huw   Edwards, who is an experienced BBC reporter.

29 of us from LVS Ascot got selected for the day and we all got put into groups. The 29 students were part of a massive 30,000 from all over the UK.

The day has been running for a few years now, and every year there have been triumphs in youth journalism. Each year each group has to produce a Video clip, audio and a print article which all has to be achieved by 3:00; and uploaded to the website by 4:00.

The reports is a very helpful event which helps students to develop there ICT and English skills. This is very useful because it gives you a chance to improve and become journalists for the day.

“This has been a very fun and busy day” commented Sabrina; a student working on the project. Andrew said, “It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. I felt that I have learnt new skills that I can apply to my English and ICT schoolwork. I would recommend every school in the country to take part in this excellent day.”

Is fat getting bigger?

By Alex, Zoe and Sam


Obesity seems to be a growing problem in all MEDC’s, not just the UK. Although just because the whole world seems to have a problem with obesity, it does not mean we can just sit back and let the world get more and more unhealthy.

There are only really two main causes of obesity: a poor and unhealthy diet (to much sugary and fatty foods and not enough carbohydrate), and not enough exercise. Although these seem easy enough problems to fix, educating people about them can is not a quick task. However, there have been many schemes to try and improve heath in the UK. Some examples are the 5-a-day – this tried to encourage people to eat at least 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables every single day, or the traffic light system, which alerts of high levels in fat, sugar, and other nutrients.

We asked Mrs Rentell, of Licensed Victuallers School, how she thought we should help those who are classed as obese:”A universal system should be put in place to stop people eating the wrong type of foods. People are making the wrong food choices because they are poorly educated and they need to be encouraged to do more sport.” Over 27% of children are now overweight, and the head of food tech thinks it’s time for parents to teach there children to get outside and play, as well as eating the right kinds of foods.

In summary, obesity levels are rising and it is a continuing problem. Therefore something needs to change fast. The main problem seems to be getting the message out to parents as well as children, that what you are, is what you eat.

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Death Of Elizabeth Taylor - The End of an Era

By Lauren, Ben, Jules, Sabrina

Elizabeth Taylor

The woman hailed to be one of the first true superstars - and the last of the great screen goddesses – passed away yesterday, on March 23rd, 2011.

In February 2011, new symptoms related to her congestive heart failure caused her to be admitted into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for treatment.  In a death as dramatic as the many movies she starred in, British-born Elizabeth Taylor, born February 27, 1932, died of heart complications in the same hospital she’d entered 6 weeks before; The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. She passed away surrounded by her 4 children, and with the well-wishings of her numerous fans. In recent years, Dame Elizabeth Taylor had suffered from numerous health complications.

She had a benign brain tumour removed in 1997, suffers from the brittle bone disease-or more commonly known as osteoporosis, has broken her back 5 times, and in 2004, she suffered from congestive heart failure, which assisted by spinal fractures and a curvature, left her almost bedridden. To top it off, in 2009 she underwent cardiac surgery to replace a leaky valve.  Although she had many health complications throughout her life, these are not the things that kept Elizabeth Taylor in the spotlight.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor was a woman of many talents. She starred in over 50 movies, has won 2 Oscars, 37 other awards, 15 nominations, a fortune of over £37 million, 8 husbands, 4 children, and a glorious 79 years of life. Elizabeth Taylor (or Liz Taylor as she was fondly nicknamed) was the woman who is credited to creating the modern celebrity, drawing attention whether she was on or off-screen. People became enthralled with her life; her tumultuous relationships, her breakdowns, her drug abuse, her obsession with jewelry-but not all of it was bad.

Apart from her movies, one of the things that defined our memory of Elizabeth Taylor was that she was the first celebrity to raise awareness and money for AIDS.  She devoted millions of dollars and countless hours to AIDS advocacy. She spoke about the need of a cure when even saying the word was taboo. In an Interview with Larry King Live in 2003, she said that she first became interested in the 1980’s. "We all heard of it and nobody was doing anything about it," she said. "And it made me so angry that we all sat around the dining room table, 'Isn’t this awful, isn't this tragic? Oh, my god.' But nobody was doing anything. And that really angered me so much.” she said.

Elizabeth Taylor starred in many era-defining movies. Perhaps the most well known was her role as the protagonist of 20th Fox’s production of the story of Cleopatra. Although bashed by critics, it was the highest grossing film of 1963-yet still it made a loss due to its cost of $44 million. It was the only film ever to be the highest grossing film of the year yet to run at a loss. Adjusting for inflation, it is still the most expensive movie ever made, costing $320m nowadays.

She was not only loved by the public, but by fellow celebrities as well.  Singer George Michael said "She also did a great deal in the last 25 years to help the world deal with the HIV epidemic. I am proud to have known her if only a little." Lavish praise also comes from one-time co-star Sir Michael Caine, remembering her as "a beautiful woman, a wonderful actress, and a great human being."

European Fighters Get Involved in Libya

By Philip and Peter

A map of Libya control

Prime Minister David Cameron has sent british air forces over to Libya to enforce the no fly zone and to neutralise Gaddafi’s forces for killing civilians. Gunfire could be heard overnight as British fighters opened fire on Gaddafi’s tanks which were attacking civillians in key rebelo towns likeTropoli. A French fighter jet has shot down a Lybian air force plane for violating the no fly zone over Libya.

Their are also reports of Libyan rebels and pro-Gaddafi supporters are in fierce battle at Ajdabia. All Libyan residence are horrified by what they have seen and further camps have been made for fleeing civilians trying to get out of the country. The French airstrikes have confermed that they have hit Gaddafi’s millitary air base.

Sebha was also reported to be hit as it is major millitary asset to Colonel Gaddafi. Rebels have taken over Misrata with govement tanks disrupting by their hospital. Rebels are all over the country waving green flags and celebrating. So far their have been no reports of any Eurpean fighters being neutrallised despite the fact of Gaddafi threats towards shooting down European jets.  

Red Card for Man who tackled pitch invader

By Philip and Peter

Pitch invader

Did you think Robin Van Persie deserved his sending off against Barcelona? Here’s a story that is even more shocking!

During a match involving Dorchester and Havant and Waterlooville, a pitch invader wearing a wig and a lime green mankini was tackled by Dorchester’s player-manager Ashley Vickers. The stewards were in no hurry to remove the invader from the field, so Vickers saw the duty as his own to help withdraw the man. “I managed to grab him and bring him to the ground and the funny thing was the stewards actually thanked me for it. But for the ref to send me off. It beggars belief.”

However, it was not at all surprising that Vickers was sent off, as he grabbed the man around the neck, before wrestling him to the ground and displacing the wig. This of course, is classed as an ‘illegal foul’ in football, and if performed on another player during the match, Vickers would have certainly been sent off.

The invader was removed from the pitch and was banned from the ground as he had clearly drunken too much alcohol. The circumstances did not get any better for Dorchester fans, with two more fans being sent off ion the final ten minutes and losing the match 3-1.



Shock as shotgun age limit is reduced

Written by Beth and Anna

Shot gun

Over the last three years, children under the age of 10 have been granted more and more shotgun licences. It has occurred mainly in the west of England; officials say it is better to have a young person being supervised by an adult, than trying to go against the rules.

Members of the public are becoming concerned after thirteen under-10s have been given a license in the past three years. Ten firearms licenses were granted to 9 year olds, two to 8 years olds and one to a 7 year old in Gloucestershire.

Between 2008 and 2010, 7071 licenses were given to under 18s, 418 of which were in Devon and Cornwall. Members of BASC (British Association for Shooting and Conservation) say that age is irrelevant; it’s the mental aptitude and stability of the family that matters.

Under 15s still have to be supervised by an adult when using a firearm. However there are younger children using a firearm unsupervised, which is worrying the British public.

Brian Jeffery (member of public) said: “How can a child of that age be regarded as fit and proper in terms of fully appreciating the legal responsibilities.”

People supporting the situation say that most of the under 18s are using the firearms for sporting purposes, for example, take the 8 year old, he is involved with clay pigeon shooting; this makes the situation slightly more reassuring.

Some people seem to believe that granting licenses will increase the responsibility and awareness of the children. Will effectively giving the children lethal weapons, help them to understand trust and responsibility?

My Big Fake Wedding

New figures show a rise in sham weddings in Britain.


Sham weddings are when couples get married for a short period before divorcing each other. The problem with these sham weddings is mainly that they are a fake scam usually for a personal purpose.  Sham weddings are most commonly used to bring illegal immigrants into Britain.

It is when many desperate people try to get around immigration controls. Marry someone with an EU passport and you get to stay however, it is illegal but many people try.

Each year in the UK many sham weddings take place. Two people who hardly know each other come together, and once their wedding is over the couple don’t usually meet again. The couples have spoken for barely hours before participating in their sham wedding.

Back in 2010 there was a reported 934 supposable sham weddings taken place in England and Wales. This was 66% more than the total in 2009. It is predicted that these situations are going to occur more in the future years and has trebled in the last three years.

 Many brides and grooms have been arrested on their wedding days for suspected scam marriages. Mandy Brammer, the deputy superintendent registrar for Brent stated “There are certainly many things that make you suspicious. Sometimes couples don’t even know the full name or date of birth of the person they are planning to marry.”

Altogether, the government are trying to terminate sham marriages and on Thursday 24th March, Panorama will be releasing a show at 21:00 to make people aware of sham marriages.

Foreign students in the UK to be cut by 25%

By Aaron, Abby, Katie and Rob

Non-EU students applying to study at private colleges will no longer be given permits to stay in Britain – causing up to 80,000 fewer foreign students coming to Britain each year.

 Theresa May, the home secretary, has said that she will cut the number of foreign students without a visa, or outside of an EU country to 25% - which was the coalition’s latest announcement. People who are already in the country that have already applied to join a college will also be affected. Theresa May said she expected the measures would reduce the number of student visas issued by 70,000-80,000 yearly - equivalent to a 25% fall.

Only students with a guaranteed job will be permitted to stay in the UK, also those who have graduated will be allowed to stay in the country too. The home secretary said: “The curb was needed not only to tackle abuse but to meet the government's target of reducing annual net migration to below 100,000 a year.” Theresa May also said: “The most significant migrant route to Britain is the student route, and so we must take action here too.”

This decision was made on Monday; when Theresa May was discussing some key points with the rest of her coalition MPs. Mrs May told MPs that while the coalition wanted to attract the "brightest and best" to the UK, the visa system became "broken" under Labour.

The shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper claimed: “May was simply restricting student visas in one area while allowing them to rise in a separate short-term student visitor category which does not count towards the net migration target.” The Liberal Democrats also proposed new ideas including not letting students from overseas coming to colleges without learning English as another language.

However the English-language schools warned that a new loophole could be opened up through the extended student visitor visa which allows people to come for up to 11 months and does not count to the overall figures on net migration.

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