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Year 1 create magical Toy Museum for the Junior School

Looking at the 'brand new toys' table

Year 1 magically transformed their classroom into a Toy Museum on Tuesday 9th February to demonstrate all they had learned in History this term. 

Everyone took part in hosting the event. Isabella and Jorven practised their numeracy skills by selling the tickets, and the rest of the class were on hand as tour guides and to organise refreshments.

Reception, Year 2 and Year 3 were all invited to visit the Museum and found out lots about the toys. The artefact tables had been sorted chronologically, and each toy had a label giving information about its age and origin. 

Amy labelled her toy: 'This is my Dad's rabbit.  I know that it is old because it is all tatty and its head is falling off.  But it is nice and blue.'

Although it was hard work doing a grown up job, Year 1 really enjoyed the chance to put all they had learnt into practice.


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