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LVS Ascot Year 1 visit the home of the Queen!

On Thursday, 7th October 2010, LVS Ascot’s Year 1 visited Windsor Castle to support their history topic this term of Castles.

They examined the battlements, arrow loops and towers, enjoyed the opportunity to see the ‘Changing of the Guard’ and learnt all about the reasons for Windsor Castle being built on a hill. 

The class particularly enjoyed exploring Queen Mary’s doll's house and finding lots of photographs of the Queen when she was five years old.  They discovered all about the famous Kings and Queens buried in St George’s chapel, whilst admiring the intricate designs on the Coats of Arms. 

With beautiful blue skies, it was an excellent day to have a real experience of the key features of a castle, and the children thoroughly enjoyed the trip.  Amy H-C, age 5, said: “the trip was fantastic, because I liked the chapel”.

Miss Mullins, teacher of Year 1, concludes: “Year 1 had a fantastic day out and learnt a great deal. They now have a really strong understanding of the history behind the most famous castle in England - Windsor Castle - and they particularly enjoyed having their photo taken with one of the guards on duty.”


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