LVS Ascot Community

With our inclusive nature at LVS Ascot, we have a number of groups available to parents and staff to get involved in our community.

The PTA, World of Work and LVS Ascot Alumni are just a few of the groups we have here.


LVS Ascot PTA covers both the LVS Ascot Infant & Junior School and Senior School. Our aim is to raise funds for the school to benefit pupils, parents and staff as well as bringing everyone together. We run a number of events throughout the year including social events for pupils and parents, regular second hand clothing sales and the Christmas Fair.

Over the past few years, we have used the money raised to fund or part-fund a wide range of projects including:

  • Infant & Junior School: horizontal monkey bars, play equipment (skipping ropes, bats, balls, etc.), environmental garden
  • Art & Design: 3D printer, frames for art rooms, photographic studio including three cameras and lighting equipment
  • Sport – cricket covers to ensure games can take place more often, trim trail, large portable dance mat
  • Music – drum kit, digital grand piano

Follow our LVS Ascot PTA on Twitter: @LVSAscotPTA

World of Work

The World of Work group was set up by our principal Christine Cunniffe to take advantage of the wealth of experience, enthusiasm and professionalism apparent in our parents.

The group consists of workers from a wide range of disciplines who have diversified careers, often maintaining a demanding job whilst juggling the demands of raising a family. The group speaks to pupils at LVS Ascot about their experiences of being in a co-educational school and their aspirations for the future.

Here are the upcoming dates of our Wow Business Breakfasts and Committee Evening Meetings:

WoW Business Networking (via Zoom), 10:00am WoW Committee Evening Meetings (via Zoom), 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Wednesday 7th October Monday 28th September
Thursday 5th November Monday 12th October
Wednesday 2nd December Monday 23rd November
Thursday 14th January Monday 18th January
Wednesday 3rd February Monday 8th February
Wednesday 10th March Monday 15th March
Wednesday 12th May Monday 10th May
Wednesday 9th June Monday 14th June

LVS Ascot Alumni

Former students can stay in the LVS Ascot community by joining our Alumni network, more information on which can be found on our dedicated page.


We are currently accepting applications for all year groups for Autumn 2020.

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