Online School Tour

A few useful pointers:

  • To remove the “Virtual Reality 360 Degree Panoramas” pop up, simply click it
  • By pressing the TV icon toward the bottom right, the map can be made full screen. Press Esc to exit full screen
  • The compass at the centre-top is ever-present and will return you to the beginning of the tour
  • The birds in the tour are overhead views of different areas of the school
  • To zoom, either use the plus and minus buttons on the screen or use the scroll function on your mouse
  • To move around, either use the four arrows on the screen or click and drag with your mouse


Book an Open Day

Please join us at one of our open mornings where you can meet members of our Senior Team, our School Principal and take a tour of the school.

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Prospectus Download

You can download a copy below of our latest prospectus here, or contact the if you would prefer a copy sent out to you in the post.