Further Education

University and Apprenticeships

After Sixth Form young people can choose a pathway that includes studying for  a degree at University or choosing an apprenticeship as a pathway to qualification and work.

University and UCAS

A degree is an academic course that’s usually studied at a higher education institution. Learn through lectures, seminars, group projects and independent study. There’s funding available to support you and you can study full or part- time.   Here are some useful links with details about finance, how to apply, how to write a personal statement and which university is right for you.

Uni Stats

UCAS: Filling Your UCAS Undergraduate Application

UCAS: Budget Calculator

The Guardian: University Guide

The Complete University Guide: League Tables

The Complete University Guide: Top Tips For Writing The Perfect Personal Statement

Top Universities: How To Write UCAS Personal Statement



Many young people do not want to attend University.   Maybe they consider the cost too high, or that they do not want to continue to study in an academic forum and for some they are ready for the world of work and can’t wait to get started.

Apprenticeships offer a way of continuing to gain qualifications while working and getting paid.   Some larger companies combine their apprenticeship placements with shared accommodation so that candidates can experience ‘life away from home’ in the same way as their peers at university.

Click this link for apprenticeship opportunities –  Higher Degree February 2021 (PDF)

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