Harry’s Story

“I’ve passed a few tests for other schools like Wellington College, but I definitely feel like I belong here and want to stay with all my friends. You feel like you are part of a family, especially when competing to win house trophies with your friends who are like brothers and sisters.”

Name: Harry Thomas

Age: 11

Joined LVS Ascot: September 2015

Year at school: Year 7

Studying: Full range of subjects

Harry has grasped the opportunity with both hands, getting involved in everything the school has to offer. He enjoys house events, and loves house debating where he can argue different sides of a discussion and look for reasons to support his argument. He has also taken part in maths challenges that bring pupils together from different skills to encourage a social mix and test themselves against others.

Harry’s story:

Sport is an aspect that Harry really enjoys at LVS Ascot. He plays cricket, tennis and football, and has a swimming lesson every week in the school’s heated indoor pool. He also enjoys acting and took part in the school’s production of Joseph in 2018 which integrated students from the junior school and senior school as it was for years 5 to 8. It culminated in Harry performing on the stage in the school’s professional theatre in front of 250 people each night.

Harry enjoys the small class sizes as that means he gets more of the teacher’s time. He can receive personal feedback on his maths and when writing stories, which he thinks will help him go further than just receiving group feedback. His favourite subjects are English and TED – Think, Explore and Discover, where pupils have to research a topic and then present their findings, boosting their analytical skills and confidence to speak in front of others.

One of the key aspects of junior school life at LVS Ascot is the bond between the older and younger pupils. The school’s buddy scheme means that all pupils joining have another pupil that they can go to and who can keep an eye on them to check they are happy.

In Year 6, Harry and his classmates also often mixed with the younger pupils, playing with them in the leafy key stage 1 playground to help them fully integrate, relax and make the most of school life.

“LVS Ascot has helped Harry to grow into a confident, well-rounded child with an eagerness to learn and a great sense of personal responsibility. His strengths have been carefully nurtured, enriched by exciting new experiences, and new skills brought to life. LVS Ascot has given us a huge sense of family pride and we look forward to seeing how much Harry can achieve with the tools he has been given”

– Chantal Thomas, Harry’s mum


What the future holds:

Harry would like to become a famous film director. Starring in his own case study film has just strengthened that ambition.


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