Maisie’s Story

“There’s just so many opportunities in so many different areas at LVS Ascot. It doesn’t matter what you excel in; if you excel in sport, drama or academic subjects. There are always opportunities for you to stretch yourself, learn more and gain help.”

Name: Maisie Jack

Age: 14

Joined LVS Ascot: September 2015

Year at school: Year 10

Studying: Full range of GCSE subjects

Maisie joined LVS Ascot in September 2015. Her brother Simeon was already at the school, and after hearing about the different options available she applied for a drama scholarship. After an audition and interview, Maisie was awarded the scholarship and has taken advantage of the wide range of opportunities it has brought.

Maisie’s story:

Joining at the start of Year 7 from an Egham primary school that didn’t offer her the same level of opportunities and facilities, in September 2016 Maisie auditioned for the LVS Ascot production of Oliver! and won the role of Nancy.

This gave her great confidence that the teachers had the trust in her to take on such a big role, and made her think that if she could do that then there was a lot more she could potentially do.

Maisie’s favourite subjects are drama, history and sport, as she enjoys staying active, and likes that you don’t have to be serious about sport to do it, you are encouraged to give it a go. She likes the positive atmosphere with everyone being encouraging of others, be it the teachers or students helping others to do well.

Maisie says that a lot of the knowledge she has gained at LVS Ascot are transferable skills for the future, valuable and reassuring in giving her confidence when she goes for auditions and job interviews. She also observes that the teachers have a lot of trust in the students – understanding that the students, if they put their minds to it, can achieve great things.

“We were so proud when Maisie was offered a drama scholarship at LVS Ascot. She has been given so many opportunities to perform, sing and stretch her dramatic talents, and it has been lovely to see her grow and develop in her confidence and skill”

– Ingrid Jack, Maisie’s mum


What the future holds:

Maisie would like to carry on with drama beyond school, perhaps a higher education course that combines academics and performing arts. From there she aspires to gain professional acting roles, with the ultimate aim of being in the West End.


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