Learning Values & Skills

The development of our young pupil’s character is just as important as their educational development.

Our Learning Values & Skills are tailored to develop the character and personalities of our pupils.

Our Learning Values & Skills (LVS) are designed to ensure active character education is taking place. Our Learning Values & Skills are:

  • Curiosity and Creativity
  • Resilience and Risk-taking
  • Empathy and Reflection
  • Initiative and Independence
  • Collaboration and Self-confidence

When new parents join LVS Ascot, we share our Learning Values & Skills handbook with them, giving more detail on how developing these character traits in our modern society are key to our children becoming flexible, resilient adults able to adapt to an ever changing working environment that we are unlikely to be able to even imagine for them now.

At LVS Ascot, we understand that developing these skills and values during our children’s formative years will be key to their success in the future and we embed these through their whole primary school experience, in all aspects of our work and the school day.

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