Learning Values & Skills

The development of our young pupil’s character is just as important as their educational development.

Our Learning Values & Skills create the core of our Infant & Junior School curriculum and aim to provide our pupils with the tools to succeed.

Our Learning Values & Skills are:

  • Curiosity and Creativity
  • Resilience and Risk-taking
  • Empathy and Reflection
  • Initiative and Independence
  • Collaboration and Self-confidence

The ten values we have identified are those we, as primary practitioners, believe will prepare pupils for life beyond their Infant & Junior years. They aim to create a growth mindset within all our pupils and instill a belief that there is no cap to what they are capable of achieving if they are prepared to work hard and rise to challenges.

These Learning Values demonstrate our commitment to providing your children with every opportunity to develop their character as well as their academic, sporting, and artistic talents. The world is ever-changing and our childrens’ capacity to being resilient to change and embracing lifelong learning is crucial to their long term success.

Every learning opportunity we provide begins with considering these values and the impact they have had on our pupils is profound. The balance of encouragement and support alongside promoting independence and resilience is a fine line and our learning values provide a frame work for that balance.

Whether we are embracing risk taking in Forest School by learning to use tools or developing the skills for independence in maths by working out the logistics of a local trip to the cinema, including the public transport timetables and the cost of tickets, we are determined to equip pupils for life in a meaningful and contextual way.


Special Educational Needs (SEN)

At LVS Ascot we are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible academic and personal development of all our pupils, whatever their needs or abilities. Treating every child as an individual is important to us and we welcome pupils with special educational needs, a learning difficulty, and/or a disability. We recognise the diverse and individual needs of all our pupils and our aim is to maximise the potential of each child by helping them to achieve the best possible outcomes and prepare them effectively for adulthood. The school has high aspirations and expectations for all pupils with SEND and focuses on the outcomes and progress of pupils by celebrating achievement and identifying areas in which they need support.

We advise parents of children with special education needs to discuss their child’s requirements with the school before they enter so that we can ensure adequate provision is made.

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