LVS Ascot Infant & Junior School Testimonials

An Extraordinary Time in Their Lives

At the LVS Ascot Infant & Junior school, we recognize that the early years of education represent an extraordinary time in every child’s life. It is the time when the foundations for life and learning are laid. When a child first walks through our doors to start their educational journey, we ensure that they are provided with a safe, caring and inspiring environment. Our aim is to have your child socially, physically, and academically ready – and more importantly excited – to move on to Senior School.

We strive to ignite the creativity and excitement that will remain with your child for life. This is why, at this young stage, we introduce our children to the concept of opportunity. The opportunity to learn, to create, and above all to discover, nurture and maximise all individual talents to give your child the opportunity to reach and exceed their full potential.

The testimonials below are from current and former LVS Ascot Infant & Junior School parents, outlining their experiences and their children’s time with us:

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