LVS Ascot Infant & Junior School Testimonials

LVS Ascot Infant & Junior School Testimonials

At the LVS Ascot Infant & Junior school, we recognize that the early years of education represent an extraordinary time in every child’s life. It is the time when the foundations for life and learning are laid. When a child first walks through our doors to start their educational journey, we ensure that they are provided with a safe, caring and inspiring environment. Our aim is to have your child socially, physically and academically ready – and more importantly excited – to move on to the Senior School.

We strive to ignite a creativity and an excitement that will remain with your child for life. This is why, at this young stage, we introduce our children to the concept of opportunity. The opportunity to learn, to create and above all to discover, nurture and maximise all individual talents to give your child the opportunity to reach and exceed their full potential.

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The testimonials below are from current and former LVS Ascot Infant & Junior School parents outlining their and their children’s experiences with us so far:

“Although our three sons have only recently joined LVS Ascot Infant & Junior School, we can already see what a difference it is making.

All the teachers are engaging and friendly, this results in a school that has an amazing spirit and atmosphere. Our children are all so much happier now and are already becoming more self-confident. Thank you!”

– Jo Skundric

“It has been about 3 weeks in school now and our son is loving it!  We are still trying to find our feet as per the different activities, pick up and drop off times etc, but every week the information about all that is getting clearer.

Most important is that our son is extremely happy at LVS and he was the Star of the Week in his second week at his new school and now taking on the challenge of the LVS Ambassadors!  Never seen him so excited to get into everything! Overall, we are very happy, and so is Samuel! Thanks”

– Mr. & Mrs. Okoturo

“My Son Charlie joined LVS in September 2013 and from his very first day hasn’t looked back. The only tears that have been shed over his 3 years were ones from his mummy when she left on his first day.

Prior to joining LVS Reception class, Charlie was paid a visit by his new Reception teacher, Miss Jones, who was newly qualified. She got to see him in his nursery environment and to introduce herself, so that day one wasn’t so quite so daunting. Both the Teacher and Teaching Assistant in Reception offered Charlie and his classmates fantastic support and care during their first year at school. During Reception and early years there was a focus on learning whilst incorporating fun, this included trips out of schools and extracurricular activities. As parents, we were promised that our children would be reading in the first couple of weeks, astonishingly a promise that was kept!!

Year 1 was a step change for the children with a continuation of their learnings from Reception but with a more focused and structured learning. The children covered the national core curriculum subjects as well as being introduced to additional subjects including languages and swimming. It was great to hear Charlie speaking French and Spanish at the age of 5, something I certainly could never do! He was even given the opportunity of enrolling in LAMDA Drama classes run by Teresa Grimsditch, something he loves.

Year 2, for me as a parent, has probably been the best year as it has allowed Charlie to really come into his own. He is excelling in sport, loves his core subjects and is being led by a very capable, approachable teacher who he really loves.

From an early age Charlie has been lucky enough to be able to attend after school clubs, these are run by the school’s highly capable staff and include activities such as football, multi sports, judo, swimming and horse riding, as well as non-sporting activities such as lego, puzzle and iPad club. These activities allow the children the important opportunity to learn and challenge themselves outside of class time.

As the children progress past Reception, they stay close with the children younger and older than themselves – both in the playground and the mixed tables at lunchtime. I was amazed at the amount of people Charlie knows when I drop him off and pick him up.

Charlie attends both Breakfast Club and Extended Day, due to my work commitments. He is well cared for and loves going in each and every day. I think this is down to LVS Ascot’s amazing staff, lovely children and remarkable environment.

Both Charlie and I have built up a great social network of friends since joining LVS. As parents we meet regularly at school events including sports days and Christmas nativities, which promises to bring a tear to any parent’s eye. We also meet socially once a term and have a Facebook page where we can keep in touch and find those missing items of School uniform!

In summary I believe that Charlie is a very lucky and privileged young man to attend LVS Ascot. I have every faith that under the School’s guidance he will excel both in sports and academics.

In Charlie’s words ….  ‘I love LVS because it’s great fun, I have lots of friends, learns loads and love my teachers.'”

– Ms Gowing

“Since our first visit to LVS Ascot Infant & Junior School, we knew our daughter would flourish here. All the teachers are responsive and supportive and I love that she gets to read with someone everyday.

The school encourages all children to achieve their best, all the while fostering a love of learning. I also love the smaller class sizes so teachers really know their students and their abilities – as a parent, this really is invaluable.”

– Mr and Mrs Hawthorne

“Our son Noah joined LVS Ascot Infant & Junior School in Year 5. As parents, we were nervous about the change, but we have been absolutely delighted with the decision. First and foremost Noah loves going to school, has made new friends quickly and has developed a real sense of the LVS team.

The atmosphere at the school is one that encourages the children to feel relaxed yet comfortable whilst challenging themselves. The academic, sport and arts facilities are superb, with the Infant & Junior School utilising state of the art equipment from the Senior School which is also improving all the time!

The way that the teachers interact with the children is very pastoral and we believe focus is not only on educating the children to a high standard, but ensuring each child has the opportunity to get the most out of themselves so that they can move on to senior education as confident, well rounded and polite young boys and girls.

Noah himself absolutely loves being at LVS. I can see the pride in him every time he puts on his LVS uniform or LVS sports kit and he has very quickly developed a sense of being part of an LVS “team”. He loves his school and I can see him exhausting himself at times not wanting to let it down. Bedtimes have become a lovely monologue of house points, commendations, football practice, science experiments, chats with Mr Dennis etc. We love it here!”

– Mr and Mrs Williamson

“The culture at LVS seems to bring out the best in its pupils. Olly has grown in confidence since joining and he has also learnt that he has a responsibility to look after others. We are delighted with the progress our son has made at the school and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend LVS to others.”

– Mr and Mrs Ward

“Both my husband and I have been so impressed by all the staff, the children and the whole school in general.  We knew we had made a good choice following the open day we attended, such a long time ago now. After a week or so of term we both felt very happy and knew that things were even better than we had suspected.

All the children we’ve spoken to have been really polite and helpful and I know a number of them have helped Amber get used to the breakfast club and extended day routine. I’m surprised at the amount of children Amber points out to me each week as people she knows, who are clearly not in reception, and she describes how they have helped her.

The ethos of the school, and all the little touches that make the children feel like they belong, are fantastic.

In terms of how Amber feels about the school, she clearly loves it.  Apart from the stories of French lessons, playing hungry hippos in the swimming lessons, getting to shake your hand in assembly, sharing bags Etc, there are lots of other clear signs.  I’ve actually lost count this week of how many times Amber has asked me if she can stay for supper, or when can I stay for supper Mummy? When I pick her up from extended day she says, why did you pick me up so early Mummy I was just about to play with so and so, or I wanted to finish colouring in.

Last Friday a whole group of parents laughed at me and I chased Amber up to the front door trying to kiss her goodbye while she tried to run in to put her bag away before breakfast, completely ignoring me.”

– Mr and Mrs Neale


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