ISA Musical Theatre and Drama Competition 2022

We are proud to announce our outstanding results from the ISA Musical Theatre and Drama Competition 2022.

Musical Theatre Competition

With over 150 entries for the Musical Theatre Competition and each and every one being of such a high standard.

We are thrilled to announce Isabelle taking First Place for KS2. Well done Isabelle!

Drama Competition

Our Year 10’s did an amazing job and received some lovely feedback which is stated below:

“Sometimes we have to be reminded how things used to be and this piece did just that. The monologue at the start really set the tone and was quite shocking to listen to as attitudes have changed so much today. The ensemble cast of girls gave us strong assured performances. The part of Miss Welsh, the female tutor, played by Naomi-Lee Freedman was particularity well drawn. You could see her dealing with each situation and knock back and the turmoil inside an outwardly calm exterior. This really made us think as an audience just how difficult and brave she was. The phrase “liberty to learn” sticks in my mind as the essence of this piece and also how in other parts of the world today women and girls are fighting to have an education, making it relevant today. The costumes were really nicely done and added to the visual enjoyment of this production as did the bicycle scene. Well done to all”.

Naomi who was apart of the group above won Adjudicators Choice Award for Most Convincing Character! Outstanding work Naomi.

Our Year 7- 8’s won Winner of Best Middle Production (KS3).

Some great feedback given below:

“Overall this was a strong piece, well executed and an important insight into teen angst and real life problems. I really liked the staging at the beginning with characters coming forward from the chairs and the ensemble cast creating tightly held freezes. Stylistically it set the tone in a simple, direct and effective way. Clever use of the timeline to reveal the story added to the impact of this performance.  Everyone had their moment with an even spread of comic, emotional and serious character portraits. The theme covered some important themes about what it is like to be at school as a teenager. Subjects such as bullying, loneliness, grief and gossip were treated with depth and a thoughtful human touch making the audience think. We looked at life from a range of perspectives and the monologue at the end gave us a powerful and philosophical end to this piece. ‘Toxic girl’ and ‘After Shave boy’ were thoroughly watchable with clearly defined characters that we could relate to having met these types before in some form or other. The performance was a very enjoyable piece of well realised theatre”.

Congratulations guys! Amazing work.

Well done to everyone that took part and represented LVS Ascot, you did us all proud.

To find out more about the Musical Theatre Competition click here

To find out more about Drama Competition click here.




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