Academic scholars at LVS Ascot enjoy STEM Workshop

As part of our Scholarship programme, last week saw a group of approximately 40 academic scholars take part in a STEM workshop, designed to provide curriculum enrichment and stretch and challenge opportunities for our pupils. The group being made up of pupils from Year 7 to 11, were given the opportunity to experience an array of subjects including Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths along with Citizenship, as part of a cross-curricular workshop themed around an asteroid heading towards earth.

How did our students find the day?

“Highly enjoyed the event and learned lots of new things.  Working under pressure was fun and collaborating with new people was good too.  Designed perfectly, would do it again.  10 out of 10.”

“Very good.  Really enjoyed this type of learning – with competition and creativity, activities were very interactive and were all fun.  Would recommend.”

“Really enjoyed the electronic circuits.  Learned a lot about DNA too.  Time pass fast during the event shows that I enjoy it.”

“Very challenging (made very exciting experience).  Helped learn to deal with high stress situations.  Interesting.”

Working in partnership with the company “Thinkers in Education”, our pupils worked collaboratively together in an atmosphere of curiosity and creativity. The skills that they have learnt will provide them with an insight into future possible career paths in these STEM subjects. Overall, a brilliant and fun day was had by everybody!

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