LVS Ascot EYFS & Key Stage One Nativity: A Bundle of Joy

LVS Ascot EYFS and Key Stage one got everyone in the Christmas mood this year with a fabulous performance of their twist of the Nativity; A Bundle of Joy. Whilst most people are familiar with the nativity characters, a Bundle of Joy introduces Grumble; the grumpy donkey that travels with Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. The story follows how Grumble goes from a really grumpy soul to one that beams with delight as they all rejoice in the Christmas miracle. The performance got us all excited for Christmas and watching the children come together to create something magical is wonderful for all the staff and parents!

LVS Ascot students on stage after performing A Bundle of Joy Group of young students performing a nativity play

42 children took part in the performance this year with three live performances. They did one dress rehearsal to the rest of the Junior school and two performances to parents! This was super exciting as it was the first ‘live’ performance for some due to Covid. The children worked very hard on their acting skills, taking inspiration from the recent performances across the school. There was a lot of fabulous singing from the children leaving us all very happy and proud.

Group of young students in their nativity outfits

Our teachers said  “A bright beaming ‘Bundle of Joy’ was bought to us all by our cracking Key Stage one and EYFS children to start our end of term celebrations! The singing was sensational, the acting delivered with gusto and the dancing could have come straight from the Strictly Ballroom. There was nothing to ‘Grumble’ about other than poor old Grumble the donkey himself. The reaction from the rest of the school on their first performance was a standing ovation. Due to the Covid pandemic, the majority of our children had never appeared in a school production before, however, you would never have believed it from their positively beaming faces and the fantastic, finished product! Thank you to everyone in EYFS and Key Stage One and the staff involved who put a smile on everyone’s faces at the start of this special festive season”.

Watch the full video of A Bundle of Joy below:


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