LVS Ascot Students Celebrate Rise In Top GCSE Results

Students at LVS Ascot are celebrating an excellent set of GCSE results, with the number of A* or equivalent grades rising to almost 10%. The English language and maths pass rates both also rose, to 99% and 94% respectively, with 99% of students who achieved at least 5 A* – C (or equivalent) GCSEs passing both maths and English.

Headline figures:

  • Grade A* or equivalent exam papers – 9.4%
  • Grade A or equivalent exam papers – 15%
  • Grade A* and A or equivalent exam papers – 24%
  • Grade A* – B or equivalent exam papers – 61.5%
  • Grade A* – C or equivalent exam papers – 81.5%
  • Students with 5 or more A* – C or equivalent grades – 92%
  • Students with 5 or more A* – C or equivalent grades who achieved a pass in both maths & English – 99%
  • English language pass rate – 99%
  • Maths pass rate – 94%

Elliott Denning was ecstatic at receiving four 9s, four 8s and two A*s, and will now go on to study French, German, Geography and Chemistry at LVS Ascot Sixth Form. It will be a busy year for the Denning family as in addition to Elliott entering Year 12, younger brother Miles will begin Year 7 having been Head Boy at LVS Ascot Infant & Junior School, and sister Tabitha will start in Year 1.

“When Elliott began here he was shy with no confidence. It has been an amazing transformation as he has developed self-esteem, confidence and become a good student. I don’t think he could have had the breadth of education and experiences anywhere else. The school has great values and morals but is also very modern too. Tabitha loved her infant school but I want her to have the full experience at LVS Ascot so we are looking forward to September!”

Leila Denning, Elliott’s mother

Owen Lambert, who moved to LVS Ascot having studied previously in Texas, achieved a 9, four 8s, an A* and an A amongst his results and will be studying physics, economics and maths A-levels at LVS Ascot sixth form. His ambition is to go on to become a data analyst for stockbrokers in New York or London. He was delighted to have left his school in America for LVS Ascot, saying: “I came here in Year 8 and the thing that has really helped is the level of interaction with the teachers and the personal attention I have received. It has really helped to get the best out of me.”

Kristin Walker celebrated a 9, two A*s and two As amongst her results, and is looking forward to studying drama, media and English literature A-levels at LVS Ascot. She hopes that they will lead on to a place at drama school, and continues to boost her ambitions by taking part in the school’s drama productions in its 250-seat professional theatre whilst also achieving excellent results. She said: “Earlier this year I played Maria in West Side Story, and I have also been in Fame, Bugsy and Grease whilst I have been here.”

“We are delighted with the GCSE results this year, being the first year of the new grading system and linear exams. With the number of A* or equivalent grades rising and pass rates for English (99%) and maths (94%) also up, it is a strong set of results. We look forward to those students continuing their success with us at A-level in our new sixth form centre which only opened last September.”

Christine Cunniffe, LVS Ascot Principal

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