One Week Today: A Level Results Day – Keep Calm and Carry On Upwards

One Week Today: A Level Results Day – Keep Calm and Carry On Upwards.

On Thursday 17th August more than 800,000 students will receive their long-awaited A Level results. How they react on that day will shape their future.

Christine Cunniffe, our Principal,  is eagerly anticipating the results of our Year 13 students. Based on frequent testing and more mocks than ever, “forecasts indicate we should see a great set of grades. The vast majority will achieve or exceed their targets.”

a level results 2022 lvs ascot

Christine advises LVS Ascot students to “prepare yourself for results day, but make sure you have a plan B just in case you do not achieve your offers. It is easy to be influenced by others but keep as calm as possible and focus on what YOU want to do”.

If you do need a plan B, “seek advice from your teachers, and get on the phone to UCAS as places go quickly. Don’t forget UCAS will only talk to you”.

And, of course, “students can also clear upwards if they achieve higher than expected grades.”

Sometimes a required grade may take a little longer to achieve.  “A year in a young person’s life is very short and retaking may well secure the choice you really wanted.”

“Results day is always very emotional.  Students meet our staff and their cohort to celebrate success and bring closure to this chapter in their education.”

But with two years of study and preparation behind them they can “be confident and reach for the stars”.

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