Science Week Set To Inspire Students

Students from Reception class up to Year 13 are preparing for an exciting Science Week from Monday 12th to Friday 16th March as the school seeks to inspire students to think about the environment across a whole range of subjects.

LVS Ascot Science Week: Taking Action On Plastic Pollution will feature a programme of events including presentations from Sky Ocean Rescue, civil engineering company Costain, Shorts recycling and Ecover.

In addition to these daily events, here are some examples of cross-curricular activities that will be taking place in some lessons:

Art and Photography: Making pinhole cameras from single use plastic items
Business studies: Potential impacts of the no plastic strategy for Iceland retailers
Design Technology: The theory of polymers
Drama: Creative adverts about recycling and the dangers of waste; devise piece using theatrical techniques
Economics: Profit vs ethics, business plan for alternatives to single use plastic
English: ‘Plastics in our Oceans’ poetry competition; study of the use of persuasive and informative language to compose a letter to the Prime Minister, Theresa May
Food Science and Nutrition: Food packaging review; reusable containers for lessons initiative launch
Geography: Focus on micro plastics and plastic islands in the oceans; geographical debates
ICT: Reuse and recycling of computers and mobile phones
Maths: School community survey data analysis
Media: Making documentaries ‘A day in the life of a plastic bottle’
Modern languages: Tutor quiz about recycling in France, Spain and Germany; recycling and pollution poster competition as part of the KS4 curriculum
Music: Science Week assembly music
PE: Impact of plastic on technology in sport
Philosophy: Ethical and philosophical issues
Science: Plastic fiber tensile strength; impact of BPA on fertility; rates of decomposition.
STEM: Inventive reuse of key plastic objects

The LVS Ascot Juniors have a full week of engaging activities to help them learn more about recycling and the use of plastics, including making pinhole cameras, bird feeders and musical instruments from recycled material, the latter being part of the 2018 3M Young Innovators Challenge.

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