Sealyham 2018

During Lives week the Year 8 students went to Pembrokeshire for six days, giving up their mobile phones, Xboxes and a variety of other electronic gismos.

Arrival at Sealyham included the usual health and safety talks and allocation of the dorms, which this year was between 4 and 6 to a room. The first evening involved a range of activities for the different groups, which focused on a range of team building skills, such as listening, making sure everyone in the group was included, and getting involved in all activities.

During the week there was a range of exciting morning and afternoon activities, such as surfing, coasteering, archery, kayaking, climbing, high ropes, off road bikes, raft building and bush craft. The intention of the activities was to ensure all the students tried something new, something that pushed them outside of their comfort zone, and something they would be able to enjoy and look back on with fond memories.

The weather was absolutely glorious, with lots of sun protection being used and vast amounts of water being consumed. There were so many benefits to taking part in the Year 8 Sealyham trip in really helping to develop fully rounded students. One of the major benefits was seeing students teaming up with other students they would not normally work with during the school day. It was a very successful week and quite a number of students when asked, said they did not miss their mobile phones!

A big thank you to the teachers who give up their time to ensure the week ran smoothly.

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