Smalley Lectures

Throughout the year we offer a series of fun, thought provoking, informative and inspiring free lectures to the LVS Ascot – and wider – community.

We are pleased to announce the first Smalley Lecture of 2019 is “Supermassive Black Holes: the Ultimate Galaxy Killers”.  It will be presented by Oxford University Astrophysicist, Dr Rebecca Smethurst, on Tuesday 22nd January 2019, at the time of 7.00pm in the Britvic Theatre at LVS Ascot.

She will be talking about the latest in our human understanding of galaxies the role of Supermassive Black holes in their evolution. There are over 1 billion galaxies in the Universe, each home to over a billion stars and one central supermassive black hole weighing in at up to a billion times the mass of the Sun. Theoretical astrophysicists think that these supermassive black holes can either heat or remove the cold hydrogen gas within a galaxy needed to form new stars through a huge outburst of energy.  In fact, this process has to occur in computer simulated universes to stop galaxies evolving and growing too large. However, the big problem is that astronomers have never actually observed this process happening in our Universe. This talk will focus on the research of astrophysicists trying to understand this conflict between observations of galaxies and their supermassive black holes and the current best model of the Universe. In particular Dr Smethurst will highlight the work being done by the MaNGA survey team who are attempting to map the insides of over 10,000 galaxies in order to solve this long standing problem.

Reserve your free place at a lecture by emailing or by calling Mr Clark on 01344 882770 to find out more information.

The history of the Smalley Lectures

Mr Smalley was a past General Secretary for the Licensed Trade Charity between 1834 and 1880. As a result of his good work, he set the charity on a solid foundation as it progressed. He was also an ex-pupil of the school.

In his Will, he bequeathed a small sum of money for a Sixth Form bursary, which is still awarded each year. When the series of lectures started, the school decided to honour Mr Smalley by naming them after him.

The Smalley Lectures are arranged and managed by Mr Clark.

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To find the LVS Ascot Theatre

To find the LVS Ascot theatre you can enter the school from either the London Road or Fernbank Road entrances.

From the London Road entrance follow the drive around the school until you reach the car park with the large flag and pole.  From Fernbank Road drive over the bridge and you will be at the same large flag and pole. This is the main reception area.

Once parked, walk into Reception and you will be greeted and directed to the theatre.

If Reception is not staffed then go through the double doors to the left of the reception desk, then through the next set of glass double doors.  The theatre will be a few steps directly in front of you.

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