Phoebe has blossomed in her class this year and being at home means we have seen first hand the full extent of Miss Yeatman’s encouragement and positive attitude.

Thank you again for everything you are doing. I am more convinced than ever that my kids go to a fabulous school.

We are realising each and every day that we made the best decision choosing LVS for Finlay.

Taking time to understand the kind of pressure that us parents are under at home and the environment that the children are in, has meant a great deal too.

I knew when we first met you that Teddy would excel in your junior school environment.

We are so, so appreciative of your caring and compassionate nature along with your diligence, fortitude and strength all with a reassuring smile on your face.

I just want to say thank you for helping me and for putting up with all my questions!

Thank you for being my safe place at LVS.

I especially want to thank Mrs Izod and Mrs Roberts who have both gone above and beyond in supporting William not just academically but emotionally as well.

We are forever grateful for your kindness, support, passion for teaching and care for every child in your class.