Year 5 and 6 Production: Born for a Life at Sea 

LVS Ascot Junior School students in Yr5 and 6 performed an original production over the weekend that was an incredible success. There were an amazing number of 107 students that took part, this being one of the largest casts the school has ever seen.

The production was written by our fabulous teachers. Joe Matthews composed and performed all of the music, Krista Stearns wrote the lyrics and Robert Clayton wrote the script, coached the acting and directed the production.

The students have put a lot of time and effort into this production, they have taken time out of their break and lunch, in addition to extra time after school and weekends! This shows incredible dedication and commitment from our students; it is safe to say it all paid off!

They have learnt Performance skills through the rehearsal process and have been exposed to and practised various musical skills. This gives the students a chance to express themselves through the Performing Arts and incorporate teamwork into their work.

When the teachers were asked what they thought, with extreme enthusiasm they said, “we are all incredibly proud of every single child involved; they have demonstrated what phenomenal performers they are and have exceeded the expectations of everybody”.

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