We offer a number of Scholarship opportunities to both our Senior School and Sixth Form.

Find out about an LVS Ascot scholarship from our students, their parents and Assistant Head Academic.

Year 7 and Sixth Form Scholarship and Awards

Please complete and submit the form below which covers both general application and scholarship application for either Year 7 or Sixth Form entries.

Scholarship Application Form


Year 7 Scholarships

At LVS Ascot we offer scholarships at Year 7 entry in the following areas

  • Academic
  • Sport
  • Performing Arts (Drama/Music/Dance)
  • Art (Art/Photography/Textiles)

These scholarships offer up to 50% off day fees. Please find further subject-specific information below.

Academic Scholarships

  • Applications are considered with pupils having…
    • A standardised CAT score of 120 or higher
    • Interview with an Assistant Headteacher Academic and with a subject Head of Department.
    • Maths and English test

Sport Scholarships

  • Applicants are invited into school to carry out a range of sporting activities, observed by the Director of Sport and the department.
  • Applicants are invited to send through a Curriculum-vitae of their sporting achievements and participation in both school clubs and outside clubs to date.
  • An interview with the Director of Sport and another member of the Sports Department to take place on the day.

Performing Arts Scholarships

  • Applications are offered to students who demonstrate outstanding ability in a musical instrument/singing/drama or dance.
  • A Performing Art assessment day would take place inviting the candidate in to perform their chosen Performing Art(s) to the Head of Department and other key staff.
  • Applicants are invited to send through a Curriculum-vitae of their Performing Art(s) achievements and participation in both school clubs and outside clubs to date. References from a Performing Art specialist (a present coach/teacher from the last two years) should be included.
  • An interview with the Head of Performing Arts to take place.

Art Scholarships

  • Interview with the Head of Art and with another department member of staff.
  • Portfolio of work to bring along to the Art Scholarship Assessment day.
  • Practical workshop to demonstrate skills during the assessment day.


Key Dates

  • Scholarship Application Closing Date: 7th October 2022
  • Academic Scholarship Assessment Day: 5th November 2022
  • Sports Scholarship Assessment Day: 7th November 2022
  • Performing Arts Scholarship Assessment Day: 08th & 09th November 2022
  • Art Scholarship Assessment Day: 10th November 2022
  • Scholarship Interviews w/c 14th November 2022

Please note these dates may be subject to change. Please contact our Admissions Team ( for further information.


Sixth Form Scholarships

For our Sixth Form entry we offer the ‘Spirit of LVS Ascot’ award.

  • Sixth Form Spirit of LVS Ascot Award. These awards are given to pupils who show a high level of commitment to their studies, their co-curricular contribution and achievement and/or contribution to the wellbeing and life of the school.

These applications are reviewed by the Head of Sixth Form and with another member from the Senior Management Team. A letter to Mrs Christine Cunniffe (Principal) should be written outlining why you feel you are a suitable candidate and outline the benefits you will gain from an award.

There is no set subject list or requirement list, and the school acknowledges that achievements and potential can be demonstrated across the broad and diverse spectrum of education. The Spirit of LVS Ascot Awards are worth up to 50% off day fees.

Parents can write to Mrs Christine Cunniffe directly if you would like to add any comments in support of the application that is not addressed in your child’s letter. This is not a formal requirement to be considered for an award.

  • The Frank Brake Trust Scholarship. Frank Brake was an Alumni of LVS Ascot and we are delighted to offer a Business Management scholarship in his name to students entering 6th Form interested in forging a career in any aspect of the hospitality industry. This scholarship is worth up to 80% off 2 years study at the school.
  • The Worshipful Company of Innholders (WCI) Scholarship. A Business Management scholarship that is based around the Hospitality trade. This scholarship offers up to 80% off all school fees for the 2-year duration of a student attending 6th Form and is a fantastic opportunity to study all areas of business for those students interested in the hospitality trade.


Licensed Trade Scholarships

The Licensed Trade Charity offers full day place scholarships to LVS Ascot for entry into Years 9 and 12.

The scholarship will will cover teaching, all meals, curriculum books and exam entrance charges.

Applications are invited from parents (or legal guardians) of children who are highly able across the academic, creative and sporting curriculum. The scholarships are not subject specific.

*Criteria: To apply, you as a parent or legal guardian need to be either currently, or have in the past, worked in the licensed drinks trade for a total of five years. This can be in one or more jobs – selling, serving, manufacturing or distributing alcohol.

Year 9 scholarships will be in place until the end of Year 11, when a review will take place for consideration for progression into our Sixth Form. Year 12 scholarships will be in place for the two years of Sixth Form.

For more information about this scholarship, or any of our other scholarships, please contact our Admissions team on or telephone: 01344 882 770.


Expectations of Our Scholarship Pupils

  • Full participation in co-curricular clubs for your chosen scholarship discipline. In discussion with the Head of Department.
  • Participation in enrichment opportunities as put on by the Scholarship programme at LVS Ascot and by your chosen scholarship department(s).
  • Participation at whole school events such as Open Mornings to support the school and your department(s).
  • Expectation of taking the subject(s) through to GCSE or A Level.

Scholarship pupils will have termly meetings with their Head of Department within their subject discipline(s) to review progress and periodic review meetings with an Assistant Headteacher, Academic.

All scholarships are reviewed and reassessed on an annual basis with the Principal in consultation with the Senior Management Team.

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