Sixth Form Well-being

Well-being Centre

Pastoral Care at our Sixth Form College

Our Sixth Form students are given more independence; as they move into the Sixth Form they remain in their school House and they are given specific responsibilities for leading a range of activities.

“The life lessons, the support, the listening, the communication, the unrivalled concern for and devotion to our children’s education has been exceptional”

– Finlay’s Parents

Our Sixth Form students have more independence than our lower school students and they are encouraged to become role models for the lower schools, whether this be as a prefect or taking part in school events.

This is a fantastic opportunity for them to develop independence and responsibility, alongside the skills and qualifications needed to succeed in the next phase of their lives.

Sixth Form students at LVS Ascot are supported by a tutor, who helps them pursue their personal goals and realise their ambitions.

We take the well-being of our sixth formers very seriously and provide lessons on resilience and stress management. These are alongside sessions where we hear from speakers on a range of topics connected to mental health and well-being .

The Well-being Hub is accessible for those students who want someone to talk to and we have an on-site counsellor should any student require further support.

It is our aim to make our Sixth Form a productive, sociable and fun space for everyone.

TES Shortlist

Times Educational Supplement Well-being Initiative

LVS Ascot were recently shortlisted for the Times Educational Supplement Well-being Initiative of the Year award.