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    LVS Ascot
    London Road, Ascot
    Berkshire, SL5 8DR

    Contact Details

    Telephone: +44 (0)1344 882770
    Office: enquiries@lvs.ascot.sch.uk
    Admissions: admissions@lvs.ascot.sch.uk

    More Key Contacts

    Infant & Junior School Reception: 01344 898 531
    Senior School Reception: 01344 882 770
    Infant & Junior School Sick Line: 01344 898 532
    Senior School Sick Line: 01344 882 770

    List of Contacts

    Office of The School Principal – Mrs C Cunniffe reply@lvs.ascot.sch.uk
    Head of The Infant & Junior School – Mrs R Cox rachael.cox@lvs.ascot.sch.uk
    Vice Principal/Director of Studies/Head of Sixth Form – Mr B Padrick bryan.padrick@lvs.ascot.sch.uk
    Acting Head Pastoral
    Mr J Curtis-Nye
    Deputy Head – Head of Compliance paul.hodges@lvs.ascot.sch.uk
    Deputy Head Infant & Junior School – Mrs L Rawlinson laura.rawlinson@lvs.ascot.sch.uk
    Assistant Head of Boarding – Mr B Hunt bradley.hunt@lvs.ascot.sch.uk
    Head of Year 7 – Mr R Mignot robert.mignot@lvs.ascot.sch.uk

    List of Contacts

    Head of Year 8 – Mr J Beckwith james.beckwith@lvs.ascot.sch.uk
    Head of Year 9 – Mrs W Sales Mint wendy.salesmint@lvs.ascot.sch.uk
    Head of Year 10 – Mr R Bignell robert.bignell@lvs.ascot.sch.uk
    Head of Year 11 – Mrs N Rowley nicola.rowley@lvs.ascot.sch.uk
    Child Protection Designated Safeguarding Lead
    Dr. Paul Hodges, Senior School
    Child Protection Designated Safeguarding Lead
    Mrs R Cox, Infant & Junior School
    Marketing – Mrs Paula Smith marketing@lvs.ascot.sch.uk

    LVS Ascot
    London Road, Ascot
    Berkshire, SL5 8DR



    We are currently accepting applications for all year groups for Autumn 2020.

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    You can download a copy below of our latest prospectus here, or contact the admissions@lvs.ascot.sch.uk if you would prefer a copy sent out to you in the post.