Fleet Street

History & Heritage

We are proud of our heritage in educating boys and girls since 1803 and the good work we do via our charity. We are also proud to have had HM the Queen as our Patron until her recent death.

Like a large number of our modern-day independent schools, the roots of LVS Ascot go back to an organisation, founded long ago, that had the noble intention of benefitting the children of its members.

In 1793 a group of ten members of the licensed victualling trade decided to form themselves into a friendly society called the Society of Licensed Victuallers. They first met in Fleet Street (pictured) to discuss their plans for the formation of the charity which was set up to provide support and education to people working in the licensed trade.

Licensed Victuallers School Kennington


Our organisation is now called the Licensed Trade Charity, and it has offered kindness, care, education and financial support to those in need for well over 200 years. Assisting with the rigours endured by people working in the hospitality trade during the Covid pandemic was a recent example of the work of the charity.

The first Licensed Victualler’s School was set up in Kennington, London in 1803 (pictured). The School was granted a Royal Charter in 1836. LVS Ascot is one of three schools now owned and managed by the Licensed Trade Charity, the other two are specialist schools in Oxford and Hassocks near Brighton.

LVS Slough


In 1793, only young people whose parents worked in the trade would be accepted at the school. Today it extends its reach beyond and accepts student applications from all walks of life, whatever their parents’ occupations and we also have academic, music, sporting and arts scholarships available for highly able students.

The first school, in Kennington, was set up to provide a ‘caring and challenging education in a wholesome and airy environment’. When the Kennington area became busy, built-up and overcrowded the school moved to Slough (pictured).

IJS Campus


When Slough also became too busy, the school moved once again. This time to its current location in Ascot. The 26 acre estate ensures it will continue to meet the needs of future generations, providing relief from the hustle, bustle and pollution in London.

To meet its aims of providing a ‘caring and challenging education’ the school has always been non-selective and that policy of no entrance exam means a cohort of pupils with all abilities and from all backgrounds. The school celebrates individuality and offers a rounded education that delivers academic rigour alongside sporting, performing and creative opportunities.

Duke of Edinburgh

Income generated for the Charity by the schools is re-invested in the site to continue to offer the highest standard of facilities and is used to fund the work of the Charity. The Licensed Trade Charity
is proud to have had His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh as its Patron.

In 2020, the Charity supported over 73,000 people and awarded over £1.96M in grants. They provided 1,037 telephone counselling sessions and 178 licensed trade people and their children supported with their education. The Charity helpline received an average of 228 calls per month in 2020, of which 41% were for emotional support.

Find out more about their services and how we helped people in 2020 by following the link below:

The Queen's visit, 1970

For people who are currently working in the licensed trade or have in the past (*criteria apply) there is a discount available, trade-specific scholarships for highly able students and bursaries for those either facing very poor academic provision locally or the family and/or work situation means a placement would show a real benefit to the child’s future.

To find out more visit our licensed trade scholarships page.

*For discounts, trade scholarships or bursaries you, or an immediate family member (living in the same household) needs to be either currently, or have in the past, worked in the licensed drinks trade for a total of 5 years continuously. This can be in one or more jobs.

If you would like to read more about the history of the Licensed Trade Charity see the historical timeline drafted to celebrate 225 years of The Charity linked below.