LVS Ascot Infant & Junior School perform 2023 Nativity – ‘The Inn-Spectors’

14 Dec 2023

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This afternoon, Thursday 14th December 2023, LVS Ascot pupils from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 held their own Nativity performance called ‘The Inn-Spectors’. The pupils were amazing and had lots of fun playing their individual roles, whether it was an angel, a shining star, or Mary and Joseph’s donkey.

Nativity girl speaking

The original Nativity story follows Mary and Joseph from being told they will have a baby from the Angel Gabriel, through to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem and the visits from the shepherds and wise men. In this modern day rendition ‘The Inn-Spectors’, some inspectors have been sent into Bethlehem to check that all the accommodation is up to scratch. They are horrified to discover that at one of the inns some visitors have been put in a stable and a baby has been born amongst the animals – Jesus with his parents, Mary and Joseph!

LVS Ascot is so proud of all the pupils who took park in the production, and would like to thank everyone who came to watch and support the performance.