UK Resident Fees

By providing a wholly transparent and inclusive fee structure, LVS Ascot offers parents a refreshing perspective of school fees.

Our all inclusive structure is outlined below.

All fees include lunch for day pupils and all meals for weekly and full boarders. The termly fee for each student also includes the costs for curriculum books, exam entrance charges, sports fixture travel, personal accident insurance and the majority of after-school activities. For boarders, evening and weekend activity programmes are also included.

Our refreshing view of school fees offers a transparent fee structure.  We regularly compare our fees to other local, independent schools and are confident that the cost of education at LVS Ascot is better value.

As well as our fees being comparable or lower than similar schools, the extras often charged by these schools are already included in the fees you pay us. For example, parents can be charged an additional £200-£300 per term for school meals, £300 for books and in Senior School an additional £400 for GCSE and £300 for A-level exams. These are all included in the fees you pay at LVS Ascot.

UK Students

Infants £3,595 per term
Junior Day £4,305 per term
Junior Boarding £9,195 per term
Senior Day £6,115 per term
Senior Boarding £10,895 per term
Sixth Form Day £6,445 per term
Sixth Form Boarding £11,325 per term

**UK and EU citizens residing permanently (more than 5 years) in the UK; parents will be asked to submit documentation proving length of residency in the UK e.g. N.I number, tax returns, utility bills etc.

Three terms per year – Autumn, Spring and Summer

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Childcare vouchers can be used toward the boarding element of a child’s school fees until 1 September following their 15th birthday. During this time, we will also accept childcare vouchers as payment toward extended day sessions and after school clubs.

We offer Senior School Scholarships for entry into Year 7 and Sixth Form Awards for entry into Year 12. Find out more information about our Scholarships and Awards here.

Payment Options

You can pay your fees in a number of ways, direct to the bank, or through a monthly payment plan. Click below for more details.

Please note we are unable to accept cheques during COVID-19.

Payment Options

Sibling Discounts

A 10% reduction is available for the third and subsequent child throughout their entire time at the school, even after their siblings have finished school and moved on.

Discounts for fees paid in Advance

A discount is available if you choose to pay for 2 or more years fees in advance.   You will receive a 3% discount off the first year and then the fees will be frozen throughout the duration of the advance payment.

Here is an example of how it works assuming a 3% fee increase per year based on the international sixth form boarding fee for a 2 year advance payment:

Yr1 Y2 Total
Standard fee £36,345 £37,435 £73,780
Advance payment £35,255 £36,345 £71,600
Anticipated Saving £1,090 £1,090 £2,180

Year 7 fees with reward discount

If your child is with us from the start of the academic year for Year 4 and remains with us into Year 7 then a discount of 5% will be applied to the Year 7 fees.

Sixth Form fees with reward discount

If your child is with us from the start of year 7 and remains with us into Sixth Form then the final year 13 term is free.  This is split and applied in 6 parts across each of the 6 Sixth form terms.

Here is an example of how it works, by term and by year.

Per Term Per Year
Standard With discount Saving Standard With discount Saving
UK Day £6,445 £5,371 £1,074 £19,335 £16,113 £3,223
International Day £6,895 £5,746 £1,149 £20,685 £17,238 £3,448
UK Boarder £11,325 £9,438 £1,888 £33,975 £28,313 £5,663
International Boarder £12,115 £10,096 £2,019 £36,345 £30,288 £6,058

If your child is with us into Sixth Form from the start of Year 4, or before, both discounts will be available to you.

Senior local academic staff discount.

A 20% reduction in fees is available to senior local academic staff working at schools within a 5 mile radius of LVS Ascot.

HM Forces & UK Diplomatic Staff Discount:

A 15% reduction in fees is available to UK Diplomatic personnel for Infant & Junior day and boarding pupils and 10% for Senior and Sixth Form day and boarding students.

A 15% reduction in fees is available to all HM Forces for day pupils within the Infant & Junior School and 10% for day students within the Senior and Sixth Form.

HM Forces in Infant & Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form Boarding will pay CEA plus 10% of the relevant Boarding Fee.

If you are currently in the armed forces, you may be able to claim a Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) to help pay for your child’s fees.  More information is available from the Children’s Education Advisory Service at

To be eligible for the discount: Parents must currently be working in the HM Forces or UK Diplomatic Service and have done so consecutively for the last 5 years. This should be the main source of family income and applicants will be expected to provide evidence of this.

Licensed Trade Discounts:

LVS Ascot is owned and managed by the Licensed Trade Charity, our first school opened in 1803 to educate children with parents from the licensed drinks trade. We continue to support licensed drinks trade people and offer discounted rates.

If you have worked in the licensed drinks trade, full-time (or the equivalent of), for 5 years, you could be entitled to a 20% discount.

To be eligible for the discount: This should be (or have been) the main source of family income and applicants will be expected to provide evidence of this.

The Charity also offers Senior School Scholarships for families in the licensed drinks trade, for entry into Years 9 and 12. Find out more information about Scholarships and Bursaries for those from the licensed trade here.



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