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Find out about the scholarship opportunities we offer  both our Senior School and Sixth Form, the discounts available across the school and our Licensed Trade Charity bursaries.

Find out about an LVS Ascot scholarship from our students, their parents and Assistant Head Academic.

Scholarship Deadline

Friday 20th October 2023 – Scholarship application deadline


Scholarship Assessment Dates

Saturday 25th November 2023 – Academic

Thursday 9th November 2023 – Sports

Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th November 2023 – Performing Arts

Wednesday 15th November 2023 – Art

Year 7 Interviews: Tuesday 28th – 30th November 2023



Year 7 and Sixth Form Scholarship and Awards

LVS Ascot awards scholarships annually for entry into Year 7 and Year 12. Known as The Spirit of LVS Ascot Awards, these scholarships are open to all applicants into those year groups.

In Year 7, applicants may apply for an academic scholarship and/or specialist scholarships in Performing Arts, Sport, and Art. The school also accepts applications outside of these categories for applicants with a particular talent not covered i.e. Creative writing, App development etc. These are awarded in Year 7 and continue through to Year 11.

Similarly, In Year 12, The spirit of LVS Ascot Awards, are not defined by subject categories but for academic and/or excellence in other disciplines. These awards are awarded in year and continue until the end of Year 13.

LVS Ascot believes in celebrating success and achievement across all aspects of education and school life.  Interviews with senior management and relevant department heads as well as academic tests are undertaken in the autumn term preceding entrance year. Scholarship awards range from 10-50% off day fees.

Licensed Trade Charity (LTC) Academic scholarships – these awards are available for all years from Year 3 and worth up to 50% off day fees. Applications can be received at any point in the academic year and will involve written tests, school reports and an interview with a member of the senior management team.

Scholarships of those who leave LVS Ascot at various times will not automatically be re-awarded. Re-awarding of these scholarships is at the Principal’s discretion and any decisions are confidential and final.

The Frank Brake Trust Scholarship and the The Worshipful Company of Innholders (WCI) Scholarship.

These two scholarships are awarded to pupils entering into Year 12 who wish to pursue a course of study in Hospitality. This may include a combination of subjects such as the Leith’s Level 3 course, Business Studies A level and ‘a another’ A Level/BTEC. Pupils must show a commitment to hospitality and secure part-time work in hospitality to support and supplement their school studies.  It is expected that successful scholars will apply to further education courses/apprenticeships within the hospitality industry. Awarded in Year 12, these scholarships are for Years 12 and 13 and worth 80% off day fees. *

*For the WCI scholarship, one or more parents would need to be currently or previously employed in the hospitality industry

Forces and UK Diplomatic Service Discount

LVS Ascot offers a 20% discount off day and boarding fees for those currently working in the armed forces or those who have done so in the past for five years consecutively. LVS Ascot also accepts CEA applications for boarding places.

Academic Staff Discount

LVS Ascot offers staff discount for those employed by The Licensed Trade Charity.

Staff discount is 20% for years 1 and 2 of employment

35% for subsequent years 3 and 4 of employment

50% from the fifth year of full service.

This discount is pro rata depending on full/part-time status and a maximum 50% cap is applied if other scholarships/awards are awarded.

For academic staff in senior positions at other schools and universities, a 20% discount applies to those living or working within an eight- mile radius of LVS Ascot. A 50% cap is applied to those applying for awards/scholarships

Alumni Discount

A 10% discount applies to those prospective parents who attended LVS Ascot for at least 3 academic years since the school moved to Ascot in 1985.

Loyalty Discounts

Sibling discount – a 10% reduction is available for the 3rd and subsequent child throughout their entire time at school even after their siblings have finished school and moved on.

Advanced payment discount – a discount is available if you choose to pay for two or more year’s fees in advance. For up to 3 years in advance, a discount of 3% is applicable and for up to 5 years a 5% discount applies. Inflationary increase on school fees is frozen throughout the duration of the advanced payment.

Year 7 fees with reward discount – a discount of 5% off day fees for Year 7 only is applicable if your child has been with us since the start of the academic year of Year 4.

Sixth Form fees with reward discount – a discount of the equivalent of one terms fee is applicable for both day and boarding places if your child has been with us since the start of the academic year in Year 7.

Licensed Trade Discount

A 20% discount is applicable for those who work within the licensed trade.

LVS Trade discounts can be awarded to children of parents that work in the licensed trade.  Our definition of the licensed trade is anyone that works or has worked selling, manufacturing, distributing, delivering, or serving alcohol.  To fit our criteria, we also ask that the parent of the child has worked in the licensed trade for 5 yrs. or more during their career.

Licensed Trade Bursaries

The Licensed Trade Charity offers bursaries up to 100% off day and boarding fees and subsidy towards uniform, school trips and school materials. These are means tested bursaries available to those who have worked in the licensed trade for a minimum of 5 years either present or past.

LVS Ascot bursaries can be awarded to children of parents that work in the licensed trade.  Our definition of the licensed trade is anyone that works or has worked selling, manufacturing, distributing, delivering or serving alcohol.  To fit our criteria, we also ask that the parent of the child has worked in the trade for 5 yrs. or more during their career.

To apply for any of the above, an application must be made to register your child through the admissions team  01344 882770 where our staff will guide you through the process

Expectations of Our Scholarship Pupils

  • Full participation in co-curricular clubs for your chosen scholarship discipline. In discussion with the Head of Department.
  • Participation in enrichment opportunities as put on by the Scholarship programme at LVS Ascot and by your chosen scholarship department(s).
  • Participation at whole school events such as Open Mornings to support the school and your department(s).
  • Expectation of taking the subject(s) through to GCSE or A Level.

Scholarship pupils will have termly meetings with their Head of Department within their subject discipline(s) to review progress and periodic review meetings with an Assistant Headteacher, Academic.

All scholarships are reviewed and reassessed on an annual basis with the Principal in consultation with the Senior Management Team.

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