Licensed Trade Scholarships

The Licensed Trade Charity offers full day place Scholarships to LVS Ascot school for entry into Years 9 and 12.

Read Henry’s story from the view of his mother. Henry has been with us since 2016 and is currently our Head of Boarding and is reaping all the benefits of a licensed trade bursary to LVS Ascot

Henry’s Story

“Henry was struggling in his last school so my wife looked into his options and as I work in the trade we discovered Henry was eligible for an educational grant at LVS Ascot where he could study as a boarder. He has been here two years now and loves it. Since coming to the school his whole demeanor has changed and he is far more confident and happy.” – Richard

 Licensed Trade Scholarships

The Licensed Trade Charity offers full day place scholarships to LVS Ascot for entry into Years 9 and 12.

The scholarship will cover teaching, all meals, curriculum books and exam entrance charges.

Applications are invited from parents (or legal guardians) of children who are highly able across the academic, creative and sporting curriculum. The scholarships are not subject specific.

*Criteria: To apply, you as a parent or legal guardian need to be either currently, or have in the past, worked in the licensed drinks trade for a total of five years. This can be in one or more jobs – selling, serving, manufacturing or distributing alcohol.

Year 9 scholarships will be in place until the end of Year 11, when a review will take place for consideration for progression into our Sixth Form. Year 12 scholarships will be in place for the two years of Sixth Form.

For more information about this scholarship, or any of our other scholarships, please contact our Admissions team on or telephone: 01344 882 770.

Licensed Trade Bursaries

The Licensed Trade Charity also offers bursaries (up to 100%) to parents in difficult situations – either facing very poor academic provision locally or the family and/or work situation means a residential placement at LVS Ascot would show a real benefit to the child’s future.

Criteria applies, however unlike our Trade Scholarships, the Bursaries are means tested.

For more information about licensed trade bursaries, please contact Charity Services Advisor Denise Buick on or telephone: 01344 882 770.

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