Boarding Parent & Guardian Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to common questions below or read our Boarding Brochure to find out more.


Boarding Brochure

How often can students communicate with home?

Boarders can communicate daily to their parents and guardians if they wish. The best times to call is between 4pm and 5pm.

Should students come home on the first weekend in boarding?

We encourage all of our Boarders to stay in during the first weekend as this helps them to integrate and socialise with their new friends.

How much pocket money should students receive?

This is dependent upon the parents. Most Boarders have their own pre-paid debit card which allows their parents to top up their accounts.

How does the laundry provision work?

Laundry is carried out daily and returned on the same day. Boarders are provided with their own laundry numbers before they arrive in September.

Do we need to pay for weekend activities in Boarding?

No, all weekend activities are included in the fees.

My child has dietary requirements, who should I be contacting?

Please inform your child’s Boarding Housemaster/mistress who will be able to inform our Catering Department.

How often does the house communicate with parents and guardians?

The Boarding House spends out weekly emails to all Parents and Guardians.

Do you offer EXEAT weekends?

LVS Ascot has one EXEAT weekend each academic year.

Do you offer single rooms?

No all dorms have a minimum of two people in them.

Are all meals included?

Yes all meals are included in the fees.

Are the children able to leave the Boarding House unsupervised?

Year groups 9 and above will be able to leave the school site after school in groups of 3 people minimum. Please refer to the permissions letter detailing exact localities permitted.

Will I be able to telephone my child in Boarding?

Yes. Most Boarders have their own mobile phones. Please ensure calls are made between 4pm and 5pm.

Does the school arrange airport transfers?

No. LVS Ascot does not arrange airport transfers. The local taxi company to LVS Ascot School is Ascot Cars.

Can I visit my child during term time?

Yes. Please email you child’s Boarding Housemaster/mistress if you wish to come and take your child out for the evening or to visit them.

Does my child need to bring a laptop to the Boarding House?

We do encourage Boarders to have their own laptops for study purposes. Nevertheless, these are brought at their own risks. All Boarding Houses do have computers and printers.


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