Pastoral Care at Our Senior School

LVS Ascot is very proud of its excellent Academic & Pastoral care. Pastoral care at LVS Ascot, in essence, is built upon the House system.

Our House system brings our pupils closer together.

On starting our Senior School in Year 7, all students are allocated to one of six integrated Houses: Brake, Buchanan, Coburg, Hart, Kennington and Melbourne.

Houses are a huge part of our community, as students spend so much time with each other and develop a sense of belonging, competition and House spirit. Through our House system, our pupils build confidence in their own talents and develop an understanding of the needs of others. The recognition of individuality offers students a mixture of freedom to express feelings and ideas, alongside an ethos that sets out clear boundaries for behaviour and respect for others.

Each House is led by a Housemaster or Housemistress who is always on hand to offer their support to pupils in all areas of school life. They are supported by an Assistant Housemaster/mistress and a dedicated team of tutors. The Tutor is a key person in the pupil’s life here at LVS Ascot and he/she takes the time to get to know each pupil individually. Tutor Time, which happens twice a day, is an ideal opportunity for the student to catch up with his/her Tutor.

Led by the Deputy Head Pastoral, staff across the school work together to ensure that every student’s personal development is nurtured. We believe encouragement and support are essential to help our young people become caring, confident citizens for the future.


LVS Ascot are delighted to have recently been shortlisted for the TES Wellbeing initiative of the year award.

Badge for TES Awards, shortlisted for wellbeing initiative of the year

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