Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Our Extended Project Qualification replicates a university dissertation and gives our students a chance to express themselves outside of the traditional syllabus.

The EPQ offers an alternative to our academic curriculum.

The EPQ has a UCAS tariff equal to half an A-level and will benefit any university application that has specific subject result requirements, including those to the Russell Group.

The output is only part of the story, students are assessed on how they approach the project, narrow down their investigation following initial research, stick to their plan and finally present their points.

All students have a member of staff as a supervisor, carefully picked for an interest in the student’s topic, to guide them along the path to success.

Some of the past topics include; “Do I really control my own behaviour?” “Will my generation ever be able to own our own home in the UK?” and “How hard is it to build a gaming computer, and why would you want to?”

Find out more about our EPQ offer by reading the booklet below, which includes short blurbs from students who have completed the project at LVS Ascot.

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We are currently accepting applications for all year groups for Autumn 2020.

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