Boarding Student Frequently Asked Questions

When can I find out my log on details for WIFI?

Your Housemaster/mistress will be able to provide these to you on your arrival in September. All Boarding Houses have access to the school’s WIFI.

What is the food like?

The food is provided to us by Sodexo Independents. Menus are well balanced considering the opinions and preferences of the children as much as possible. There is a Food Committee that you can join if you wish to suggest your own meals!

Can I use my mobile phone in the house?

Yes at permitted times. No photos or videos can be taken in dorms on any electronic device. Please ask your Housemaster/mistress for rules about Mobile Phones.

How long should I be spending on my homework (prep)?

Juniors should be spending at least 30 minutes on prep each evening and spending time reading a story book. Years 7 should be spending at least 1 hour each night on prep. All other Year groups should be spending two hours each night on prep. Prep time starts at 6:30pm and finishes for all at 8:30pm. Houses allocate time at the weekends on a Sunday for prep too.

Do I need to have a laptop in Boarding?

We do recommend a laptop, however this is at your own risk. Do not worry if you do not have a laptop, we have computers and printers in all of our Boarding Houses.

What types of trips are there?

Each House runs their own trips each weekend to various locations such as Camberley, Reading, Windsor and Bracknell. Each term we have ‘Full Boarders’ trips to places like London, Liquid Leisure and Bowling to name a few. Speak to your House Prefects if you have any good suggestions and they can pass this onto Mr Hunt in the Boarders’ Council meetings.

What will my room look like?

Each dorm in Boarding is unique to the people living there. We do encourage you to personalise your noticeboards to make your area in your dorm unique to you. Each Boarder has their bed, lockable safes or drawers, wardrobe and shoe racks.

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