LVS Ascot and Round Square Schools

28 Nov 2023

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Round Square is an internationally diverse network of 245 like-minded schools in 50 countries on six continents that connect and collaborate to offer world-class programmes and experiences, developing global competence, character and confidence in their students.

Christine Cunniffe, LVS Ascot Principal, said, “We’re overjoyed at our new relationship with Round Square. It will open many doors for our students, especially in terms of gaining international understanding and establishing global contacts that will enrich their time at LVS Ascot and benefit their future studies and careers.”

Through the Round Square Community, schools bring their students face-to-face with their peers from across the world to exchange ideas, learn about each other’s countries and cultures, and to discuss and debate some of the most difficult, and sensitive, issues facing our world today.

Whether in-person, at Round Square Conferences, via Student Exchange, or on RS Service Projects, or online, through Classroom Collaborations, Zoom Postcards or Language Labs, the aim is always to build students’ International Understanding.

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