Infant & Junior School Diploma

All Infant & Junior School pupils will work toward the Diploma over their time in the Infant & Junior School from Reception up to Year 6. The pupils will be presented with their diploma if they have completed it at our annual prize giving day at the end of their Year 6.

The Infant & Junior School Diploma rewards pupils for hard work and enthusiasm.

Each section of the diploma is linked to one of our Learning Values & Skills:

Curiosity, Creativity, Resilience, Risk-taking, Empathy, Reflection, Initiative, Independence, Collaboration and Self-confidence.

Children will be asked to provide evidence for each section to be signed off by their teacher in their passport of achievement.  For example, meeting the self-confidence criteria in Reception might be taking part in the KS1 nativity whereas in Years 5 and 6 it might be delivering a speech or performing in the Year 5-9 Drama performance. Whereas the independence section might involve using a knife and fork properly in Reception, taking part in a research task in Year 3 and delivering their TED independent research project presentation in Year 6.

The vision behind this is to fully embed the Learning Values & Skills into the LVS Ascot way of life and provide a range of opportunities for the children to build character qualities and develop key life skills.

Examples of what we ask our pupils to take part in include:

Curiosity and Creativity

  •          Take part in an art competition
  •          Learn a new skill
  •          Complete a problem-solving task
  •          Gardening project
  •          Learn to sew
  •          Create a photography portfolio
  •          Perform in the choir
  •          Write an article to be published in the newsletter
  •          Film a science experiment
  •          Plan and create a class display board

Resilience and Risk-taking

  •          Learn to play a musical instrument
  •          Attend chosen club every week
  •          Complete a project of your choice
  •          Take part in a sponsored walk/5K run/event
  •          Learn map skills and complete an orienteering challenge
  •          Plan and cook a meal for your family
  •          Take up a new sport
  •          Deliver a short song/activity/game in another language (MFL) to KS1 children

Empathy and Reflection

  •          Act as a tour guide at a school open morning
  •          Become a playground monitor
  •          Support and be a buddy for a new child who has joined LVS Ascot
  •          Write reflections of school trips, house events, school events to be published in newsletter
  •          Deliver a personal reflection speech to your house in a house meeting
  •          Volunteer at care home/foodbank
  •          Fundraise for a chosen charity
  •          Recycling project


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