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LVS Ascot Senior School is a day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 11 – 16.

Averaging around 80 pupils per year, Years 7 – 9 are divided into small teaching groups that follow a wide-ranging, broad curriculum. Exposure to subjects as diverse as philosophy, technology, performing arts, Spanish and French – in addition to traditional core subjects like English, maths and the three sciences – allows all pupils to experience a wealth of knowledge before making educated choices as they move towards their GCSEs.

In Years 10-11, though we still encourage breadth of study, the open choice system we operate at GCSE allows pupils a degree of personalisation as they begin a gradual process of subject specialisation. Please refer to our Year 10 options booklet for an in-depth look at the subjects we offer our Senior School pupils. This can be found on our GCSE Subject Choices page.

We are especially proud of the excellent educational provision we delivered over the COVID-19 lockdown period. A full timetable of taught lessons was provided for every pupil and in many cases, subjects are ahead in the syllabus than where they would normally be at this time. We continue to adapt to the very real changes the pandemic has forced upon education and are working to be prepared for any potential further disruption.

Please feel free to discuss these plans with us. Pastoral care is an essential part of life at LVS Ascot, with each pupil placed in a tutor group and boarding school House with a tutor who oversees both academic and personal development. Always a strength, over the lockdown period this provision proved itself in ways before unseen as pupils and staff members navigated together the constant challenges.

In addition to the academic curriculum and pastoral system, all Senior School pupils participate in our extensive Co-Curricular programme of sports, music, drama and a diverse range of clubs, societies and activities. Though the current situation has curtailed a few of these, we have worked hard to find appropriate substitutes which – at least until the circumstances return to some form of normal – still make this provision second to none.

Come see us and learn more about our admission process – you’ll be amazed at what we offer.


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